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Elephant Thoughts ~ The Charity that Empowers Children

Date: Oct 21, 2013 · Posted in: Philanthropy, Ethical Consumerism
Elephant Thoughts ~ The Charity that Empowers Children

At, we understand that the world’s abundance and resources aren’t distributed fairly. We want to do our best to change that. That’s why a percentage of every sale made on is donated to a charity. We are currently donating these proceeds to a charity called Elephant Thoughts.

Elephant Thoughts helps to facilitate accessibility to proper education for children all around the world and particularly in more than one quarter of First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada as well as in India, Nepal, Tanzania, and Nicaragua. We chose to support Elephant Thoughts because it reflects the same values and priorities that Vitarock upholds. By supporting the personal development of children and improving their communities socially and ecologically, Elephant Thoughts contributes to the future of the global society and Planet!

Here's a word from the President of the charity, Lisa Farano:

“Elephant Thoughts Educational Outreach is a unique Canadian charity, founded in 2002 by a group of teachers, principals and other professional educators with a common vision. We believe that education is the key to prosperity so our mandate is simple; provide the tools to enable sustainable and high standards of education anywhere regardless of socioeconomic or geographic barriers.

Over the past 11 years, we have gained valuable knowledge about how to create and deliver sustainable education programs to children around the world.  We have learned that for education to be effective, transformative, and inspiring, it needs to be holistic. It has to involve students, teachers, principals and the community at large in order to realize long term success and viable high standards. Working from this understanding is what makes the Elephant Thoughts programs tremendously successful.

There is no question that education is the passport to freedom and this stands true anywhere around the world. Education enables those from lower socio-economic backgrounds the ability to end their own cycle of poverty. This holds true in Canada and in economically developing countries. Education is the key to prosperity and at Elephant Thoughts we focus on remote education for at risk children. This is where we believe our strengths are and where our philosophies on pedagogy can best be utilized.

While we have learned much about enabling education solutions in the most remote communities, we also offer the highest level of education support for teachers locally in the form of exciting and engaging hands-on workshops. We have developed an online fundraising program that provides access to leading edge technologies for students and schools to help where it is needed the most. And while we continue to benefit from the creativity and experience of our core staff of educators, we have also developed our business model to enable the long term viability of the charity.

The rewards of working alongside communities to enable them to achieve the highest standards of education are immeasurable. We will continue to focus our attention on at risk students, removing barriers to education, while also exploring innovative solutions for delivering our passion of inspired education everywhere.