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Emergen-C Review & Natural Health Product Criticism

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Date: Nov 24, 2015 · Posted in: Labeling and Regulations
Emergen-C  Review & Natural Health Product Criticism

What to make of the recent criticism of Natural Health Products and Dietary Supplements in the media? Lets take a look at Emergen-C first. The lab that did the testing did not indicate how old the product being tested was. Vitamin C degrades over time and therefore you must always expect a somewhat lower level then what's listed on the label. The label is only required to list the level that is present at the moment of packaging. With respect to the claim that it has high lzevels of sugar in it, personally I don’t taste that. For example, when drinking carrot juice, which only has 10g of sugar per 250ml (this is very low for a fruit or veggie juice) I can taste the sugar. With Emergen-C I simply don’t taste many sugars, indicating the level must not be very significant.


 I am also very skeptical about the recent criticism of Natural health Products in the media. This is due to my suspicion that these media outlets may be sponsored by the “Big Pharma” companies that want to destroy the Natural Health Product and Supplement industry. Why? Because healthy living, which includes supplements and Natural Health Products, prevent disease and preventing disease is contrary to the “Big Pharma” business philosophy. Disease and chronic illness means bigger profits for these companies from the sale of prescription medications. 


Where are the media presentations regarding the tens of thousands of deaths each day in North America due to the side effects of prescription medications? I agree with the argument that the Natural Health Product/Dietary Supplement industry should be more regulated. One way to do this is by sending inspectors, at random, to manufacturing facilities to test samples for purity and quality. Of course, using validated methods approved by Health Canada and the FDA is also necessary. But if we are to attack the natural sector lets not forget to take a good look at the prescription medications that kill millions of individuals every year. Prevention of disease by regular exercise, healthy diet, supplementation, screening tests, and limited exposure to pollutants, toxins and carcinogens is the way to living a healthy and long life. Not prescription medications.