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5 Ways To Keep Each Other Happy!

Lidia Le François Article by: Lidia Le François
Date: Feb 25, 2014 · Posted in: Relationships, Mental Health
5 Ways To Keep Each Other Happy!

5 Ways To Keep Each Other Happy!


Relationships are a lifelong commitment and it starts with being well in spirit, body and mind. Keeping each other happy is an intangible measurement; what does being happy in a relationship really mean? Most would say that it is being able to co-exist without pretences. Finding that balance requires commitment, communication and the occasional home massage session.  Here are a few techniques to keep that spark going.


1. Listen to each other, put the phone down, and set the mood

You’ve come home from a hard day and the last thing you want to do is pay attention to anything. When the mood has been set, think of how much easier engaging in active listening with your partner can be when you’re both able to forget about the world. Enjoy your own personal oasis by running a bath with French Lavender bath salts. Why not light your favourite scented candles, or heat an essential oil like Sandalwood to create that relaxing, centering, exotic sensual mood.  Focus on each other by leaving your phone at the door. A little attention, to create a stress free state of mind, can go a long way.


2. Cheap and cheerful

If a trip to Paris isn’t in the cards this weekend, how about wine from your favourite region instead? Have fun and plan a meal theme around your favourite vacation destination to recreate happy memories.


3. It’s the little things

Remind your partner that you’re thinking about them with small gestures, to make any day go by easier. A hand written note in their lunch, a sappy text, or a quick picture allows your partner to feel cherished and wanted.


4. Favourite things weekend

During the week it’s easy to get caught up in work and responsibilities. On the weekend, make it a point to have one day where you do all your favourite activities. Go see that movie, go take that hike, do something that makes you happy, and your stress levels will fade away.


5. Don’t brush off date nights

Dating is an important part of the courtship ritual. Remember when your dates were so fun and everything was exciting? After a few years go by, dating is different. Making the time to be around each other is vital. Schedule dates as if they’re a business meeting, add them to your calendar and set a reminder. These dates are an investment in your relationship! Essentially, dating is like corporate team building: the more you are together, the more likely you’ll be a stronger couple.