Nutritious and delicious is the name of the food game around here. From main ingredients like locally made nutrient-dense pastas to on-the-move healthy snacks, each product contains only the most pure ingredients. You won't find additives, preservatives, or anything other than natural ingredients in the food products we offer. We believe in staying nourished and satisfied!

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  1. Bulletproof Cocoa Butter 454 g Bulletproof
  2. Organic Traditions Golden (Inca) Berries 227g Organic Traditions
  3. Enjoy Life Cocoa Loco Baked Chewy Bar 6x5x33g Enjoy Life
  4. Organic Traditions Pumpkin Seeds, Jumbo 100g Organic Traditions
  5. Splendor Garden Organic Ginger Ground 6x35g Splendor Garden
  6. Food Alive Coconut Curry Power Crackers (6) 6x85g Food Alive
  7. Celestial Tea Organics Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea 6X18 count Celestial Tea
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  8. Nud Fud Cranberry Sage Crackers 6 x 66 g Nud Fud
  9. Numi Organic Tea Rooibos 6 x 18ct Numi Organic Tea
  10. Splendor Garden Organic All Purpose Seasoning 6x35g Splendor Garden
  11. Four O'Clock Herbalist Good Night Herbal Tea (6) 6x20 sachets Four O'Clock Herbalist
  12. Organic Traditions Dried Cranberries 113g Organic Traditions
  13. Splendor Garden Organic Jerk Seasoning 6x35g Splendor Garden
  14. Galerie au Chocolat Fairtrade Dark Choc Cocoa Nibs Bar (8) 8 x 100g Galerie au Chocolat
  15. Roo'bar Cacao Maca Roobiotic 12 x 40g Roobar
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