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Fun Activities for Labor Day Weekend (Alcohol-Free)

Mariah Craig Article by: Mariah Craig
Date: Aug 27, 2017 · Posted in: Lifestyle, Style
Fun Activities for Labor Day Weekend (Alcohol-Free)

Labor day is fast approaching, and a lot of us may feel the pressure of drinking alcohol and don’t know where to turn instead. Luckily, there has been a shift happening in the health and wellness world as people are focusing more on their health, and less on drinking. This sobriety movement is leading to more quality time and mindful interactions with friends and family, which can give clarity on what ‘fun’ really means to you.


We’ve selected some of our favorite summer activities that don’t require drinking, and have put together some all-natural shopping necessities to cover your needs!

1. At-Home Spa Day


How to end off a fun and relaxing summer? More fun and relaxing, of course. Invite your friends over and get some of your favourite, all-natural beauty products together for a full day of pampering! We recommend making some delicious, infused lemon mint waters to give your skin that extra glow, along with manicures, pedicures and face masks!


2. Host a Potluck (With a Twist!)


But not just any potluck! Instead of having your friends each bring a complete dish, have them each bring some ingredients for a meal that you can enjoy cooking as a group! Think things like tacos and chopped salads that will have lots of hands needed for chopping and prepping.


3. Get Active with Friends


When you get a good group of friends together, lots of fun can he had without a cocktail in hand. Round up your group, lace up your outdoor runners and fill up your insulated mugs to hit the trails! It’s a great way to play catch-up while enjoying the outdoors. If indoor activities are more your style, try out a group fitness class that you’ve never tried before!

4. Have a Picnic


Why bother going out to a restaurant when you can pick your own location, your favourite food and save money? Sounds like a win! All you need is some eco-friendly dishware, the perfect picnic basket, and of course the perfect snacks (along with good company). Check out the best parks in your area (or maybe go somewhere new!), bring a big blanket and good company, and you’re all set!


5. Beach Day

When you have good friends and good weather, it becomes really easy to make memories and forget about alcohol. So load up the car with your favourite games and snacks, and lather on the sunscreen because it’s BEACH DAY! Play your favorite songs with the windows down as you drive to the shoreline, and enjoy the beautiful water and total relaxation once you get there. Ah, summer, we will miss you.