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FUSION BODYBUILDING Shut-Eye Sleep And Grow (60 Capsules)

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920136 Fusion Bodybuilding
SHUTEYE is a patented and human clinically proven, nonhabitforming, musclesleep inducer. Muscle sleep is a bodybuilder must, and so is SHUTEYE. Muscle sleep can happen approximately five times throughout the night. Muscle sleep can happen within 90 minutes after you first go to sleep and it lasts for 10 minutes. Throughout the night, each successive phase of muscle sleep can last longer and longer. If you achieve the final occurrence of muscle sleep, it can last for up to one hour. But if you arent achieving muscle sleep, youre not maximizing your growth. Thats why SHUTEYE is so vital. ShutEye is the perfect compliment to eating and training because it helps you not only grow better while you sleep, it helps you sleep better as well. It can help
Additional Information

Additional Information

60 Capsules
Fusion Bodybuilding
Each 4 Serving Capsule Contains Muscle Sleep Complex 367 mg Total Seditol 365 mg This patented formula No. 6,582,735 & 6,814,987 of Magnolia officinalis and Ziziphus spinosa has been scientifically documented both safe and effective. Seditol promotes sleep onset and sleep maintenance by binding to adenosine A1 and GABA receptors, putting you in a deeply relaxed and drowsy state so its easy to get to sleep. Additionally, Seditol reduces cortisol secretion and musclewasting potential. Research studies show that Seditol induces drowsiness in up to 91percent of study participants. Melatonin 2 mg Melatonin is made naturally by your pineal gland, but training disrupts its production, and this can leave you awake at night and in the "nogrowth" zone. The melatonin in SHUT.EYET helps regulate your circadian rhythms and to reset your natural biological clock, so you can get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Muscle Growth Complex 1,600 mg LArginine 1000 mg This amino acid intensifies your nitric oxide production through a process called nitric oxide synthase. Nitric oxide is critical for increasing your blood circulation and enhancing oxygen and nutrientrich blood delivery to your muscles. Nitric oxide also increases your braindopamine levels, thereby enhancing your ingym mindmuscle connection thats critical for growth. But the most powerful action of Larginine is that it stimulates growth hormone production and circulation during sleep. By increasing blood circulation and increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrient rich blood while simultaneously increasing growth hormone secretion, Larginine helps maximize muscle sleep anabolism. LOrnithine 600 mg Lornithine is an amino acid produced by your body that works with Larginine to increase Larginine biosynthesis efficiency and human growth hormone secretions. In addition to its effects on Larginine and growth hormone, Lornithine stimulates fatty acid oxidation. Absorption Initiator 3 mg Total Bioperine?? Piper nigrum Black Pepper 3mg Bioperine is extracted from black pepper and enhances your natural thermogenic activity by enhancing the delivery of nutrients into your bloodstream and enhances the efficiency of nutrient uptake by your body. Other Ingredients Gelatin, microcrysalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, colour

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