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Genuine Health: On Living Your Life in Bold

Megan West, B.A. Article by: Megan West, B.A.
Date: Aug 20, 2015 · Posted in: Vegan, Nutrition, Digestive Health
Genuine Health: On Living Your Life in Bold

Perhaps one of the things that excites all of us at Vitarock the most is that we're working with a company who seeks to change the world. Sounds like a bold idea, right? The good news is, we're not alone in this! Our peers in the industry (many of which are also in the B Corp club) also seek to better the world. It's both inspiring and reassuring to know the business world is filled with others who seek to do good. What's even better is when they happen to be our neighbors here in Toronto! Fitting in with the theme of bold thoughts and actions is none other than Genuine Health.

We reached out to Stewart Brown, Founder & CEO of Genuine Health who told us:

"Sustainability is so important to us because to be happy and healthy we need a happy and healthy world to live on." - Stewart Brown 

If that isn't an admirable business approach, what is?


A Day-in-the-Life at Genuine Health 

Genuine Health (purveyor of Dr. Karol recommended fermented everything, fyi) is a homegrown Toronto company who is:

 "...dedicated to the pursuit of health & happiness, not only for people’s health, but for the planet and all creatures on it! Our efforts to create a corporate culture of environmental awareness and action are really just the beginning, and we aim to express our dedicated action in our genuine giving initiatives."

Now, being the investigative journalist that I am, I reached out for comment to confirm the above address. According to Genuine Health employee, Aubree, "Genuine Health not only talks the talk, we walk the walk. From the small details, like locally sourced GH gear, and simple things like office recycling and composting, to the greater business world where we seek to foster change as both an innovator in the market and a company that puts sustainability as the top priority." 

Environmental and Community Involvement at Genuine Health 

It's not just bold claims for GH, it's their reality. Something particularly admirable is their use of Bullfrog Power at their downtown Toronto HQ, which is a 100% green electricity retailer in Ontario who buys power exclusively from wind and low-impact hydro generators. Bullfrog meets or exceeds the federal government’s Environmental Choice Program EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity. Composting and recycling around the office is non-negotiable, but they take things to the next level by reusing shipping materials (eg. paper packing, boxes, etc).  Additionally, effort is put forth to ensure the materials used for their merchandise (like their super cute hoodies and t-shirts) are from Canadian companies and is always ethically sourced. 

Activity getting involved with the community is another top priority. The whole GH crew dedicates their time and resources by participating in weekend activities like tree planting throughout Toronto as well as a variety of other events and organizations related to their partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation and Vitamin Angels. Employees are also offered a charity donation match, in which their charity support is matched by GH. On top of all that, the majority of the staff bike, car pool, or take transit to the head office. 

Vitarock Staff Favorites from Genuine Health

Here at Vitarock we also walk the walk! While we fully believe in the GH philosophies, their products are on the cutting edge of the health industry, and we can't get enough! It's important for us to not only carry brands dedicated to bettering the world, but who deliver products with the highest level of quality. With many personal favorites to choose from, here's a sampling of some of the products we've been known to hoard. (or maybe the hoarding just comes from me. who knows.)

Fermented vegan proteins+, Unsweetened & Unflavored
- Alicja (CEO of Vitarock) - This product is high in protein content, easy to digest, and easy to mix! 

Fermented whole body nutition with greens+, Vanilla Chai, Ian (Marketing at Vitarock) - I love greens+ for my energy levels and having healthy, youthful skin. I like that there are fermented ingredients in this version, for easier digestion and to offset my occasional junk food binges. Vanilla Chai is my choice because vanilla is one of my favorites and I prefer sweet flavors.

Fermented vegan proteins+, Vanilla, Ian - I always supplement my diet with protein, but whey and pea protein seem to “build up” and make my belly bloat. I like GH fermented vegan proteins+ because I keep my flat belly. And did I mention that I love vanilla flavour?!

Greens+ Extra Energy, Orange,Ian - Excellent for energy levels, and the caffeine comes from kola nut. Combined with the other ingredients, you get a longer lasting rush without the crash like you can get a few hours after coffee (which I also love).

o3mega Joy+ soft gels, - Peter (Marketing at Vitarock)
I have been using this product for over ten years now. The world is a stressful please and it's easy to get thrown off track. Anything to enhance your mood and help to maintain a positive outlook is a plus. This product does just that. It has just the right balance of EPA DHA. And it has also helped me with overly dry cracking skin on my hands in the winter. Fish oil is the best and this is comes from a high quality source I can trust. 

fermented whole body NUTRITION with greens+, Acai Mango, Megan (Communications at Vitarock) - I was introduced to this about 6 months ago and I've never looked back. Being somewhat of a smoothie enthusiast, I've been into nutrition powders for a long time, but have never felt more attached to a certain product than I am to this. First of all, it tastes fantastic! So much so that I have started adding it to my yogurt in the morning for an added nutritional boost. It leaves me satisfied, but never bloated, which is important. It's a convenient way for me to support my intestinal tract with fermented greens, while also making sure I get the highest nutrient absorption possible (which is extra important to me as a vegetarian).