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Vitarock Celebrates by Giving to A Canadian Charity

Daniela Rambaldini Article by: Daniela Rambaldini
Date: Dec 03, 2013 · Posted in: Fair Trade, Ethical Consumerism, Philanthropy
Vitarock Celebrates by Giving to A Canadian Charity

In the spirit of Fair Tuesday and Giving Tuesday and on behalf of our customers, is donating $500 to Elephant Thoughts!

Fair Tuesday and Giving Tuesday are growing global movements that encourage people to be grateful for their blessings, mindful of their consumer choices, and generous in their giving to others. Fair Tuesday and Giving Tuesday mark the same day--the Tuesday that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On this Tuesday, we remind people that the holiday season is about giving, loving, sharing, and celebrating life.

As you begin brainstorming about what gifts to buy, whom to invite for which dinner, and where to enjoy the winter vacation, keep in mind that each of your decisions has the power to affect people, wildlife, and ecosystems around the world. Whether you choose to buy a product that's made in a sweat shop or a fair trade, hand-made craft can mean the difference between supporting slave labour or empowering an individual who is paid fair wages.

Empathy and compassion mean considering what it's like to be someone else and then having the sensitivity to either give your support or to at least avoid causing harm to that living being.

Fair Tuesday is a grassroots campaign that promotes ethical consumerism--choose Fair Trade, Organic, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free, and Eco-Friendly products as often as you can to help shift our current economic and social paradigm of excess consumerism, which is environmentally unsustainable and socially unjust.

Very similarly, the Giving Tuesday movement also encourages people and corporations to donate time or money to charities and community fundraisers.
You might find that by supporting the Fair Tuesday and Giving Tuesday causes you feel so good about making a positive impact in the world, that you'll remain an ethical consumer every day of the year!