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Halloween: The Sweetest Time of Year?

Daniela Rambaldini Article by: Daniela Rambaldini
Date: Oct 31, 2013 · Posted in: Children's Health
Halloween: The Sweetest Time of Year?

Most people say the winter holidays are the sweetest time of year, but I think Hallowe'en rivals it or at least comes in a close second! With all those candies and chocolate bars being doled out, it's difficult to imagine any holiday that can out-compete with Hallowe'en for encouraging sugar consumption!

Is a sugar-free Hallowe'en even possible for anyone who enjoys celebrating this fun festivity? I believe everything is possible, but only if you're up for the challenge!

However, it's not necessary to avoid sweet goodies altogether (there's no fun in that!). What's more important than having a sugar-free Hallowe'en is to find sweet tasting treats that aren't loaded with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame K or refined sweeteners such as granulated cane sugar and beet sugar.

Sweet Treats Sans Refined Sweeteners

Licorice candy made with the "real" licorice root is a fantastic example of a natural candy. Made with vitamin and mineral rich sugar cane molasses and licorice root extract for sweetness plus anise seed extract for added flavour, this is one Hallowe'en treat you can indulge in without any self-reproach.

Licorice root is actually one of my favourite anti-inflammatory herbs because it's a sweet tasting demulcent that soothes a troubled tummy, promotes healing of mucosal and epithelial cells, is an excellent adaptogen (meaning it helps you cope with physical and mental stress), and acts as an antibiotic even against Helicobacter pylori (commonly known as H. pylori; a bacteria that can cause or exacerbate stomach ulcer).

Licorice is also touted as an herb that promotes longevity, in part because it helps increase levels of DHEA (5-dehydroepiandrosterone). DHEA is a hormone that's synthesized by the adrenal glands and is a precursor for a suite of essential steroid hormones. It also has a number of health protective functions and DHEA is therefore dubbed one of our endogenous anti-aging hormones.

If licorice isn't a flavour you savour, you can satisfy your sugar cravings with all natural chewy and crunchy snacks sweetened with dried fruits and gingered up with whole spices.

What if you don't want to avoid conventional Hallowe'en treats but you also don't want to suffer (too many) undesirable consequences? Read tomorrow's blog for tips on what might help.