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Holiday Prep: Personalized Gift Bags

Megan West, B.A. Article by: Megan West, B.A.
Date: Dec 07, 2015 · Posted in: Lifestyle, Nutrition, Style
Holiday Prep: Personalized Gift Bags


As you might know, this season we decided to take a personalized approach to the holidays. We asked a few of our co-workers around the office to create gift bags filled with their favorite Vitarock items that they would be happy to recieve. With such a unique set of individuals we thought this would be a great way to help you find something unique and special for just about anyone in your life. Here's a little more information in terms of inspiration behind each gift set. 


 We hope you find something for a loved one in your life!




The Dr. Karol: The Powerpack for Men 


Designed for the 30+ man, this bag focusses specifically on men's health. Think of it as the "all-in-one" health kit targetting a variety of the most common health concerns for middle aged men. Focussing on fitness, men's health issues, and day-to-day supplementation, there's nothing better than giving the gift of wellness. Plus, it's Dr. recommended, so you can't really go wrong, right?


The Nancy: I can't Believe She's 50!


Dubbed the "I can't believe she's 50!" gift bag, this collection prioritizes relaxation, hair care and "you" time. Each of the products in this bag are designed to allow for luxurious rejuvination. From the coconut enriching hair lotion, to Pacifica's candle scented with Mediteranian Fig, and the comforting Geranium bubble bath, this bag won't allow the hard working women in your life to go another day without taking a time out.  


 The Thang: The Modern Gentleman's Gift Bag 


Is there a modern gentleman in your life? Well this is for him! High-quality skin and hair care products make for the ultimate in grooming. Nourish Organic's Organic Argan Oil hydrates and replenishes body, face, and hair, while also improving skin texture, sun-damange and dry hair. Sapien 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner provides the ultimate in hair care (and what man doesn't love a time-saving option?) while Saavy Jasmine soap is the perfect lathering, high-quality shower option. 




The William: The Everything Chocolate Gift Bag


We're pretty sure the name says it all. This bag is for the chocolate afficinato in your life. We love these guilt-free options to satisfy your sweet tooth through the holidays and long after. Full of practical gifts (aka. Probar Mint Chocolate protein bars which are nutritious and delicious), to indulgant ChocoSol Vanilla Drinking Chocolate, there's a perfect mix of everyday meets special treat options. Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face!



The Monica: Mom-Time Gift Bag


Current mom (and also expecting mother!) Monica created a bag for all the other busy moms out there. Filled with her favorite bath must-haves like Saavy Naturals Mango Papaya Body Wash and Desert Essence Italian Grape Shampoo, this bag aims to make everyday tasks a more enjoyable and relaxing experience. There's also a much-deserved ChocoSol Vanilla Bar and Vitamin D drops for baby! 



The Kathy: The 20-something Creative Woman Gift Bag


Our in-house graphic designer created this bag for the other like-minded women. Included in this bag is the necessary coffee for caffeine-fueled creative bursts, organic ecowear for working in comfort, and high-quality skincare fit for the most sensitive skin. And finally, coconut oil for moisturizing and calming lavendar soap to finish off a long day. 




The Peter: The Spice Up Your Life Gift Bag


New couples have an excuse to take a time-out from busy life with this "cozy-night-in" inspired gift bag. Candles and at-home spa supplies? Yes, please! 



The Megan: For the 20-something Beauty Product Obsessed Woman


A common theme around here with the 20-something year olds (myself being one of them) is the obsesion with caffeine. As your resident beauty/lifestyle writer, my love for products is evident and that love is fueled by high-quality, fair-trade coffee. I like to create a calm home environment at all times and Saavy's Vanilla & Kukui Oil Candle is one of my favorite ways to do this. Always on a quest for fresh coconut scents, Nourish Organic Tropical Coconut Body Lotion has quickly become a new favorite and DMAE Restorative Cream is the perfect choice for a refining night cream.