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Homeocan Fibromyalgia Pellets

Homeocan Fibromyalgia Pellets

Homeocan Headache & Migraine Pellets

Homeocan Headache & Migraine Pellets

Homeocan Hay Fever Pellets

Homeocan Hey Fever homeopathic pellets may relieve...
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Hay Fever Pellets, to help you fight seasonal allergies caused by pollen The Hay Fever combination pellet is a homeopathic remedy. It is caused by pollen. But did you know that hay fever occurs in four seasons? In April and May, the pollen responsible for your allergies comes from trees. In June and July, it comes from the grass. Mid-summer, mould blooms are the ones to blame Finally, ragweed season begins during late summer. The symptoms are: - Nasal congestion - Runny nose - Teary and scratchy eyes - Repetitive sneezing - Tension in your sinuses - Headaches - Throat, nose and ear irritation - Sleepiness and insomnia when the symptoms drag on
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Brand Homeocan
Health Information Allergy, Homeopathy, Immunity
Product Type Health
Feature Homeopathic
Size 4 g
Ingredients Allium cepa 6X, Sabadilla 6X, Sticta pulmonaria 6X, cuprum metallicum 9X, Aralia racemosa 6X, Apis mellifica 9X.
*Always read the product label before using if you have any allergies or sensitivities. Product formulas may change over time, and while we try our best to keep information on our website current, there remains risk that slight product alterations may occur without warning at the manufacturing level.
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