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How to Manage & Maintain Normal Glucose Levels

Date: Oct 19, 2015 · Posted in: Cardiovascular Health, Herbal Medicine, Natural Products
How to Manage & Maintain Normal Glucose Levels

Kyolic Blood Sugar Balance is recognized by Health Canada for its effects in supporting healthy glucose metabolism. And why is healthy glucose metabolism important? Simply put,  the body needs energy and gets this energy via the conversion of glucose to adenosine triphosphate, more commonly known as ATP. Everyone can use a little help in managing normal glucose levels as it can help prevent future disease.

We are regularly consuming glucose as part of the food we eat. Our diet provides us with 2 main types of glucose sources: complex and simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates contain 1 or 2 sugar units (called monosaccharaides and disaccharides, respectively) while complex carbohydrates contain 3 or more sugar units. After ingestion, the disaccharides and complex carbohydrates are metabolized in the gastrointestinal tract to product single sugars, such as glucose, which are then taken up by the body’s cells to be converted into ATP.

The utilization of glucose is essential in order to maintain consistent blood glucose levels. Increased blood glucose levels can be dangerous as they are an indication that your body may not be producing enough insulin, which is a hormone that helps the body’s cells to take up glucose. Without an adequate supply of insulin, glucose levels in the blood build and can lead to the onset of diabetes. If left untreated, improper glucose regulation can lead to detrimental physical effects such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness or impotence. These compilations are associated with the mismanagement of the disease and it is important to note that most healthy individuals do not have a problem with blood glucose management.

If you are healthy and looking to help facilitate the conversion of your glucose into energy, you may wish to consider taking a supplement. Products which contain ingredients such as Chromium, Bitter melon and Chundan bark have all been shown to have positive effects when it comes to glucose metabolism. Kyolic Blood Sugar Balance contains all of these ingredients in addition to the Aged Garlic Extract which has been clinically shown to help with cholesterol management. The effect on cholesterol levels is an added benefit to the glucose metabolism effects since elevated cholesterol levels is a known risk factor for diabetes. Thus, with its dual cardiovascular and glucose metabolism effects, Kyolic Blood Sugar Balance might be your new go-to supplement for managing normal glucose metabolism.