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Join the greens+ Campaign for Clean Nutrition

Date: Dec 03, 2014 · Posted in: Superfoods, Environment, Nutrition, Organic Certified
Join the greens+ Campaign for Clean Nutrition

Our world is ever evolving, and because of it, our bodies need more nutrients than they’re getting to defend our health from the world today. There are invisible problems out there in today's world, like pollution, agribusiness, radiation from electronics, and chemical use in and out of the home. Let's talk about this.

Genuine Health, makers of greens+, launched their Campaign for Clean Nutrition this Fall, and we're excited to spread the message about protecting and defending our health from the modern world. Let's face it, maintenance of health is more challenging today than it was a generation ago. For example, even when we try to eat right, the fruit in the produce department doesn't have the same nutritional value it once did.

Watch these two short greens+ Campaign for Clean Nutrition videos (to the right), and stay on top of some of our actual #firstworldproblems. Get familiar with all the major health and lifestyle issues facing us in the developed world. Then share this page using the social media icons above with those you care about most.

From now until December 21, 2014, save an additional $5.00 on any greens+ product with coupon code GREENSPLUS (until Dec 21, 2014)! We'll also send you a FREE trial size of greens+ whole body (Vanilla Chai flavour).

We can take control of our health once again, and thrive and feel great. (And get a jumpstart on those New Year's resolutions).

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