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Kyolic Curcumin: A Multi-Functional Supplement

Kyolic Curcumin: A Multi-Functional Supplement


Turmeric and its active phytochemical, curcumin, are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects - effects which are endorsed by Health Canada. More recently, scientific evidence has been published demonstrating that a combination of turmeric and phosphatidylcholine are effective in helping to ease the pain associated with osteoarthritis. As part of a clinical trial, patients with osteoarthritis were evaluated following the use of turmeric combined with phosphatidylcholine. After taking the supplement daily for 3 months, patients experienced an improvement in pain, stiffness, physical function and inflammation.


Heart Health and Kyolic Aged Garlic

For additional health benefits, Kyolic Curcumin also provides Kyolic’s Aged Garlic Extract (AGE).  Several clinical studies have been conducted on this garlic extract which is unique to the Kyolic line of products. Scientific evidence supports the use of Kyolic’s AGE for heart health by helping to reduce elevated blood lipid levels/hyperlipidermia. It is important to note that dietary and lifestyle choices also have an impact on your heart health and you should always make sure you are physically active and making healthy food choices. These choices are important to your overall health, even when you are taking supplements, to support a healthy cardiovascular system.

When taken as a daily supplement, Kyolic Curcumin provides relief from joint pain by functioning as an anti-inflammatory and helps to support a healthy heart. If you are currently suffering from joint pain, Kyolic Curcumin can offer the pick-me-up you need to get back on your feet and back into your healthy lifestyle.