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Orange Naturals Single Tincture, Iodine

Orange Naturals Single Tincture, Iodine

Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver, Spray Top

Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver, Spray Top

Land Art Silica

● Brings health, rigidity, and solidity to na...

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● Brings health, rigidity, and solidity to nails and hair – preventing brittle nails and devitalized hair;
● Insures elasticity to blood vessels, cartilage, skin, bones, vein and artery walls;
● Increases muscle, tendon, and ligament resistance;
● Helps mineral assimilation, especially calcium;
● Sustains joint health and helps fortify bones;
● Slows tissue aging process.

Silica is one of collagen's principal constituents and in time deteriorates and looses elasticity, resulting in the skin loosening, hair thinning out, and nails becoming brittle. Because of the refinement and transformation of today's foods, our daily diet offers less and less silica, a supplement is therefore a good a way to compensate.

Land Art developed SILICA, a gel made from 100% pure silicon retrieved from diatoms, fossilized plant cells found on the ocean floors. Prepared as a colloidal emulsion (suspended in a gel composed of water and natural gum), it is bioavailable and possesses a better assimilation for the system. Orange oil is added for flavor enhancement. Land art does not use any chemical substance or solvent in the extracting process of its silica, preferring water as its unique vehicle.

Land Art Silica supplement provides a bioavailable liquid gel (colloidal suspension) of this essential mineral. Land Art silica is extracted from fossilized marine diatom plants without the use of chemical solvents. Silica is a component of collagen and other connective tissues.
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Brand Land Art
Health Information Bone Health, Nails & Hair, Skin Care
Feature Corn Free, Dairy Free, Gluten-Free, Wheat Free
Size 250 ml
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