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Long Weekend Detox

Megan West, B.A. Article by: Megan West, B.A.
Long Weekend Detox

With summer comes long weekends with days spent relaxing in the sun. It's all fun and games until the week after. Days spent lounging in the sun with friends and a plethora of snacks can leave us all feeling a little lethargic and less than fabulous come the week after. Instead of spending your (short) work week bogged down, try out some of our personal favorite products for instant rejuvenation



Before your morning coffee, have a tall glass of water mixed with Ener-C vitamin mix. This is my favorite way to feel instantly refreshed on a less than bright-eyed early work morning. It's packed full of B Vitamins and Potassium, which provides a non-caffeinated energy boost. It also has Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin A and E for immune support, while keeping electrolytes in balance. Any cocktail or sun-related dehydration will stand no chance against this refreshing, all-natural citrus mix. 


Amazing Grass Berry Green Superfood Bar

Make your post-breakfast snack a nutrient-dense option that your body will thank you for. These bars combine fruits, vegetables, and Amazing Grass Organic Green SuperFood drink powders to provide vitamin-packed snacks that will leave you feeling better from the inside out. Along with their high vitamin count, they're high in fibre and protein making them the perfect way to start your detox week.


Genuine Health fermented whole body NUTRITION withgreens+

There's no better time to get on the fermented greens train than when your body is in a compromised post-long weekend state. Follow this recipe, but perhaps with a decaf chai tea, and have a smoothie-infused dinner to get your intestinal tract both happy and well functioning for the week ahead. The formula helps provide your body with amplified antioxidants, increased nutrient absorption, and has anti-inflammatory effects. Each of these is especially important after a long weekend of indulgence. 


Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Scrub

Replenishing yourself on the inside is half the post-long weekend detox battle, but attention must also be payed in terms of skincare. Long hours in the sun leaves skin tired and needing a bit of help in the rejuvenation department. Help fight the sun's aging effects with this pore tightening scrub. Apricot seed powder, sea buckthorn (which is rich in omega-7 fatty acid) and aloe make this formula a fantastic option for restoring your skins dewy, natural glow. Slough away dead skin cells and make way for your healthiest skin yet.