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Man Flu: It's Real & It's Here

Megan West, B.A. Article by: Megan West, B.A.
Date: Dec 03, 2015 · Posted in: Immunity
Man Flu: It's Real & It's Here


Leading up to fall and winter we wrote a lot about protecting yourself from cold and flu season. Up until now we hadn't mentioned one other crucial element: surviving The Man Flu (or "TMF" for quick reference). We know you know what we're talking about. While the Man Flu might seem like the same mild cold you once encountered, it's so much more than that. According to Urban Diction, by definition, "TMF is The condition shared by all males wherein a common illness (usually a mild cold) is presented by the patient as life-threatening." Below is a quick reference guide to fully understanding the dreaded disease. 





The key to best handling Man Flu is prevention. Symptoms of this alleged flu spiral out of control at an accelerated rate so it's best to cut them off before they start. A few of our immune support and cold/flu prevention products are (conveniently) on sale, so there's no time like the present to start the battle against TMF. We know it's not always easy to convince the men in your life commit to taking health products, which is why we suggest adding some incentive, like, perhaps, "Here take this and then you can have this wildly unhealthy chocolate smoothie!" The catch here is, of course, the smoothie isn't unhealthy at all. We recommend Genuine Health's Fermented Vegan Protein powder in "Natural Chocolate." It works to further improve one's health with its high level of antioxidants and digestive support. Everyone wins! But mostly you.