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Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning Tips

Lidia Le François Article by: Lidia Le François
Date: Mar 06, 2014 · Posted in: Natural Products, Respiratory Health
Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning Tips

Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning Tips

Warmer weather is around the corner and that means spring cleaning season is soon upon us. It’s time to assemble cleaning supplies and welcome Spring with open arms.

First things first! Assemble the basics of what you’ll need:

     - A multi-purpose cleaner   
     - Sponge
     - Old rags and/or towel
     - Bucket of warm water

Before you start cleaning take a close look at the products you have.

     - Are there warning signs such as poison or hazardous?
     - Can these products cause chemical burns to skin and produce noxious fumes
     - Are they dangerous to children and pets?
     - Are they flammable? 

There are alternatives that don’t cause chemical burns to the skin, require thick rubber gloves while being used or every window open to avoid inhalation. It’s best to look for products that are non-toxic, chemical free, and safe to the environment. 

The Garage/Storage
The garage or storage space isn’t a heavy traffic area during the winter months. Armed with your non-toxic assembled basics, check for mildew or wet spots that may have occurred during the season. If possible, hose down the area with clean water. If you’re in a house, it’s most likely that water runs into the city drains and that water in turn flows into water filtration plants. That’s when having the right cleaner comes into play.

Use Nature Clean Multi-surface Dilutable Cleaner according to the instructions and feel confident using a safe, non-ammonia based easy to use option. Easily remove dirt and whatever else has built up.

From the garage, head over to the back yard, and lift off the patio furniture covers. Be sure to avoid flying dust by using a facemask or turn your head. Put aside the bucket of water and pick up a Nature Clean Multi Surface Cleaner Spray bottle. Using a biodegradable product helps the environment by avoiding adding unnecessary chemicals. Just spray and wipe down then let the sun do the drying.

In the Home
Heading back inside to wash up you won’t have a headache from the products, as there are no harmful ingredients. All Nature Clean products are safe enough for children and pets. Remember to only allow children to help under strict supervision.

In a home there are many different areas that could use spring-cleaning. From an over crowded basement that needs to be de-cluttered, to rugs that could use a good scrub, and windows that are asking to be streak free. Nature Clean Multi Surface Cleaner Spray bottle does the job by being non-toxic and effective. You don’t have to use chemicals for a product to be effective. By making eco friendly choices you’ll have a clean home with less to worry about. Harness the power of green to work for you.

Tip:  Throughout the cleaning process you may discover an older stain. Try Nature Clean Pet Stain & Odour Remover, don’t be fooled by the name, this product is excellent to “spray and walk away”. Give it some time to work while you go on to other chores. Mark the sprayed area with a damp cloth so you’ll know where it was.