Orange Naturals-Calm Kids Homeopathic-100 ml

Orange Naturals Calm Kids Homeopathic

Orange Naturals-Diarrhoea Kids Homeopathic-100 ml

Orange Naturals Diarrhoea Kids Homeopathic

Orange Naturals Constipation Kids Homeopathic

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Constipation means difficulty in passing stools and the infrequent passing of hard, dry stools. Most kids will experience constipation at one time or another but for some it can become a chronic condition. Dehydration or lack of fibre in the child’s diet may cause constipation in children. But more frequently, constipation in youngsters is thought to be linked to food intolerances or allergies or the over consumption of highly processed foods. Whether occasional or chronic, you can confidently administer Orange Naturals Constipation for Kids to help relieve pain, abdominal bloating and irregularity. Orange Naturals Constipation for Kids is gentle, safe and free from harsh laxatives. Benefits For the temporary relief of symptoms associated with difficulty passing stool or constipation Assists bloating and abdominal discomfort Features Liquid format is simple to administer and absorbs quickly No artificial flavours No harsh laxative effect Great tasting – in a glycerin base kids will love
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Brand Orange Naturals
Product Type Health
Size 100 ml
Ingredients Medicinal Ingredients Alumina 30CH, Lycopodium clavatum 12CH, Magnesia muriatica 3X, Plumbum metallicum 6X, Sanicula 30CH, Silicea 12X, Sulphur 12CH, Veratrum album 3X. NMI glycerin, citric acid, purified water, lactose trace amount.
*Always read the product label before using if you have any allergies or sensitivities. Product formulas may change over time, and while we try our best to keep information on our website current, there remains risk that slight product alterations may occur without warning at the manufacturing level.
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