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Organic Vs. Non-Organic Juicing

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Organic Vs. Non-Organic Juicing

In the context of cancer prevention and also for the general health, there are few things as good as juicing or blending green leafy vegetables.

Parsley, kale, and spinach are the best. Other nutrient and antioxidant packed veggies and fruits are celery, carrots, cabbage, cilantro and Granny Smith apples. When juicing parsley and kale you don’t get much juice, but the juice that you do get is so concentrated that it forms jelly like globules that are very deep green in color. Such juices are packed with antioxidants, detoxifying compounds, and compounds that help protect DNA and cells as a whole from any damage that may result in the initiation of cancer formation.

Blending such vegetables with, for example, a frozen berry mix or frozen organic blue berries, is another great way to form a cocktail with anti-cancer properties. The added benefit of blending is that you still keep the fibre which benefits the inner lining of the gastrointestinal tract as well as providing a softer consistency to stool. However, it will not concentrate all the great nutrients as well as juicing.

The Good News

This is very exciting news. By drinking just one glass of a nutrient concentrated cocktail, we are making a great contribution to our body’s capability for preventing cellular damage or reversing the damage that has already been done. This is the essence of preventive medicine.

However, there is one important catch to all of this. To get all the amazing benefits of juicing, it’s not enough to just run to the grocery store and buy a cart full of veggies.

They must be organic.

The Bad News

If they are not organic, you are ingesting just as many toxic compounds as health-benefiting compounds. Juicing essentially concentrates all of the compounds found in vegetables. The concentrate is so dense that you will get not more than a shot glass from a whole bundle of parsley. Non-organic veggies are grown using artificial fertilizers and pesticides. The pesticides are the worst of the two. By juicing such vegetables you are concentrating the residual pesticides as much as the health-benefiting compounds. Simply washing the vegetables before juicing will not solve the problem. When pesticides are sprayed on plants, a large proportion of these toxic compounds get absorbed through the surface. You can get away with eating salads made from non-organic vegetables once in a while because these compounds are not nearly as concentrated as in a juice, and the body usually has the capability to remove these compounds to some extent before they have a chance to cause any substantial damage. That said, I still recommend eating salads and juicing only from organic vegetables.

The Danger of Non-Organic Produce

This is an extremely important point. By juicing non-organic vegetables, you are doing just as much damage to your body (and perhaps even more) than helping it. This actually happened to me when I first started juicing. The amount of veggies needed to make a glass of juice is quite substantial. Therefore I was tempted to buy non-organic since these veggies are much thicker in volume and about thirty percent cheaper. At first everything was going well. I was juicing enough veggies each time to produce a large jar of juice that I kept in the fridge for future use. This eliminated the process of washing the entire juicer every time I wanted to have a glass. About four days into this process, while drinking on average about two glasses each day, I started to feel toxic. My energy went down, I had brain fog, and I started to get bloated and constipated. On the fifth day I felt so bad that I almost missed work. I immediately stopped drinking the juice, but it took another four days for me to return to normal. This is how long it took my body to eliminate all the toxins. The experience was so discouraging that I stopped juicing for an entire month. My intention was to be healthier and the consequence was the reverse.

I started researching the subject further and came upon the answer. It is the toxic pesticides and some fertilizers that were the culprit. This totally made sense also from the practical point of view. Like I mentioned above, juicing sometimes creates such a concentrated drink that it’s almost jelly-like in consistency. Based on this observation, imagine how concentrated the pesticides must be in comparison to the vegetable as a whole.

Juicing Organically

Armed with this new knowledge, and after my full recovery, I was back in the grocery store. This time my path was straight to the organic section. I bought the same veggies as before and started juicing again. Kale, parsley, spinach, carrots, Granny Smith apples and red cabbage. My anxiety level went up on the fourth day in anticipation that something wrong may happen again. But guess what. I felt fine. There was no toxic effect, bloating, constipation or brain fog. My energy went up. I continued the process, and after two weeks I felt better than ever before (except, perhaps, when I was 6 to 18 years old, when I always felt great).

Of course, you are going to be paying about a third more for organic produce but really there is no other way to juice. If you do it the proper way you can expect great health benefits and feeling much better overall as well as having a more peaceful mind, free from the worry of catching some chronic disease or even the dreaded cancer. Good luck to you all. I encourage you to juice it up!