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Party People Survival Kit

Megan West, B.A. Article by: Megan West, B.A.
Date: Aug 18, 2015 · Posted in: Beauty, Superfoods, Lifestyle
Party People Survival Kit

Attention party people: This blog is for you! For those of us living in and around Toronto, summer ignites a certain level of mass hysteria in terms of seizing every hour of every sun-soaked day. Our time outdoors is limited and thus, when the heat hits, we do everything we can to make every second count. The biggest regret come winter is knowing we took a pass on a day outside. Not wanting to regret any lost seconds, we do our best to make sure we turn down no opportunity to enjoy the hot days and warm nights. While this all sounds great in theory, the results can be rather exhausting, taking a toll on both our mental and physical health. So for those of you jaunting to music fests for the weekend, spending late nights at the beach, and participating in general insomniac behavior, the one's for you.

Good vibes only summer music festival fun

While we don`t necessarily encourage over-exhausting yourself (balance is key!), we do support making the most of every day and because of that, we have a pretty good list of party people-ready products to keep you feeling great and looking your best. Here`s some of our favorite health and beauty products to keep you glowing from the inside out.  

dr. mist Cool Mist 

This mist can be used all over the body, dries quickly, and is anti-bacterial. Because nobody needs to know if you woke up too late to shower! Am I right? It's free of toxic chemicals, aluminum, alcohol, oils, and synthetic fragrances, making it it perfect for those with sensitive skin. Plus it plays double duty as an effective antibacterial not only to deodorize, but to help heal wounds and acne sores. 

Pacifica Roll On Perfume - Island Vanilla

Vanilla plant

There's nothing better than the perfect next morning scent. A light spritzing of this Island Vanilla, which combines vanilla, honey-jasmine, island fruits and subtle tea leaves, is everything you need to immediately feel rejuvenated! Toss the conveinent roller ball in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day or when you simply want to smell something invigorating. I keep one at my desk and reach for it whenever I need to take a time-out. All Pacifica fragrances are free of phthalates, nitro-musks, benzene and other harsh chemicals.

Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Towelettes with Cotton Extract 

A huge help in the time-saving department, these wipes are somewhat of a skincare superhero. Oftentimes, wipes can be too harsh to use without spending time rinsing, but these sensitive formula towelettes are the exception to that rule. Cotton extract softens the skin, rice extract moisturizes and aloe soothes, making these the ultimate all-in-one make-up remover, cleanser, and toner. Late nights and early mornings often result in lack of face washing, which wreaks serious havoc on your skin health, so do yourself and your skin a favor and keep these at your bed side!

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Eye Revive Contour Gel

No early-morning-late-night beauty regime is complete without the ultimate under-eye treatment. Targeting the usual suspects, this soothing gel with Apline Rose Stem Cells seeks and destroys all things puffy and/or dark circled. Its gentle formula tones, tightens, and smooths the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, while moisture-binding humectants, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera revive skin’s hydro lipid barrier improving the health of your skin.

Pacifica Alight multi-mineral BB cream

Creating a flawless complexion on decidedly exhausting mornings can seem wildly impossible, but Pacifica makes it all the more achievable. Saving you time (yes, you can hit the snooze an extra few times), this is a multi-purpose product acting as both a moisturizer and primer with shade matching technology. It's also packed with anti-aging botanicals that visibly revive your skin while revealing a healthy glow. Achieve an even-toned, dewy radiance without piling on oils, concealer, foundation, and moisturizers. 

Jamieson Laboratories Total Energy

With a name like "Total Energy," we doubt this choice needs much explanation. But just in case you need convincing, this vitamin temporarily improves mental and physical performance. AKA. everything you need when operating on minimal sleep. It's packed with Siberian ginseng, wheat grass, Vitamin B12 and caffeine, each providing energy producing nutrients. 

New Nordic Ear Tone

Music fests are basically a right of passage for us millenials, but the accompanying ringing-in-the-ear? Not so much. New Nordic Ear Tone is a new formula developed to combat tinnitus (also known as the pesky ear ringing). It's formulated with bio-active nutrients, herbal extracts, and minerals, each of which is well documented to influence micro-circulation and relieve the perception of tinnitus. Therefore, webinars, conference calls and general office banter can operate as usual. 

Nature's Harmony 5HTP 

Finally, the pièce de post-party résistance is all about making sure your mental wellness is in check. Nothing's worse than a cranky co-worker, so make sure that's not you! Summer fun is no excuse to stroll around the office in a bad mood, so keep yourself in check this mental wellness hero. Sourced from the seeds from the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant, this crucial nutrient is used to balance mood and help maintain regular sleep patterns.