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Prenatal Belly Care

Katharine Herringer Article by: Katharine Herringer
Prenatal Belly Care

If ever there is a time to truly take care of your body and embrace a self-care regime, it’s while you’re growing a little being inside. It’s also the time when your body is blossoming into a new shape, as well as absorbing everything it’s taking in, so clean, non-toxic skin care is critical.

Two products that I’ve recently discovered are by Earth Mama Angel Baby, a brand of "mama-trusted, hospital-recommended” pre- and postnatal body care that is certified organic, vegan and free of any undesirable toxins that you certainly don’t want to pass on to your baby.

Mama To Be Oil is full of super absorptive, pure essential oils that are blended for growing bellies. The scent is citrusy and uplifting, and my six-month prego belly soaks it up. They recommend applying it to bellies, breasts and thighs twice a day to keep the skin supple and stretchable, and to reduce stretch marks and prepare the body for birth. Starting early is good, or start at least before the third trimester.


The main ingredients are grape seed oil - which contains beneficial linoleic acid, jojoba oil -  a rich vegetal oil known to mimic collagen, and soothing calendula extract. Essential oils of chamomile and orange calm and uplift. I’ve loved using Mama To Be Oil morning and night, and even use it as a massage oil, head to toe.  


Massage is an essential key in prenatal wellness, whether given by a partner or by a massage therapist. Studies show that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labour outcome and newborn health. So, don’t listen to anyone that says it’s an indulgence. Some monthly massage is good for you and the baby, and will help keep your glow from fading due to unnecessary anxieties.

For those that aren’t fans of applying oils, are in a rush in the mornings, or just prefer a lotion, try the Earth Mama Body Butter. Also with a bright, sweet and citrusy scent, it’s a lotion that I’d use well after baby. It absorbs quickly, leaving belly and even your cuticles soft and hydrated.


Additional Tips To Help You Stay Well-Hydrated During Pregnancy


1.       The obvious, drink plenty of pure, alkaline water.

2.       Load up on organic chia seeds – I add 2 tbsp to cereal, yogurt or salads. It’s fiber and hydration in one!

3.       Take a high quality, ultra pure, liquid omega-3. I take 1 tbsp each day in the morning, which is easier than swallowing 4-5 capsules.

4.       Get your green juice and smoothies on! It's a great way to super load your nutrition in one glass, and load your body with hydrating fruits and veggies. Just make sure to go for berries over sweet pineapples and mangoes as they’re lower in natural sugars.

5.       Watch your salt intake, especially if you’re craving salty, not-so-good-for-you foods. A good trick to use for finding out if you are retaining water is to wiggle any rings on your fingers; if it has left an indent in your skin, it’s likely that you’re retaining water.

 Enjoy this time of life! Thank you for reading.