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Dr. Karol Recommends: Pure Blueberries from PEI Berries

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Dr. Karol Recommends: Pure Blueberries from PEI Berries

Consider these words: whole wild blueberries, no added water, no added sugar,  no preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours, not from concentrate.


Pretty mind blowing, right? It’s actually the full ingredient list of Pure Blueberries. Essentially, these folks from Prince Edward Island have taken whole wild blueberries, pureed them and bottled them. The puree contains the skins, seeds and the pulp.


The skins of blueberries contain the highest level of health-benefiting anthocyanins.  These are compounds that belong to the polyphenol family and have a very high antioxidant capacity. They are what give blueberries their dark purple and blue color. Anthocyanins neutralize oxygen free radicals in the body. Free radicals are formed in the body as a by-product of our normal metabolism, but the vast majority of them come from toxins that enter our bodies via the air and unhealthy food. Once in the body, free radicals cause damage to cells, particularly cell membranes and DNA. This damage triggers a chronic inflammatory response, which is the underlying factor of all chronic inflammatory diseases. Some common examples are atherosclerotic cholesterol plaques that lead to heart attacks and strokes and metabolic syndrome X, which is the combination of obesity, diabetes, high triglycerides (i.e., fat in the blood) and hypertension. There are hundreds of other examples. Free radicals also accelerate the aging process; so wild blueberries are a kind of anti-aging therapy.


Wild blueberries have the highest level of anthocyanins of any berry, including cranberries, raspberries and blackberries. The fact that they are wild also ensures that these compounds are at the highest level: They are smaller than cultivated blueberries, which means that they have more health-benefiting outer skins in relation to pulp. The anthocyanins are produced by blueberries to protect them from solar radiation and temperature fluctuations. Thus, wild blueberries produce more anthocyanins than cultivated blueberries because of the harsher environmental conditions in which they grow. Regular blueberry juice has a much lower level of these compounds due to the fact that the skins are removed during processing.


The Pure Blueberries product is made in a closed production system, which ensures that none of the health-benefiting compounds are lost in the process. And there’s no added sugar — a major concern in most fruit and berry juices.


With this product, you’re getting 900 wild whole blueberries in a bottle, packing a potent anti-aging punch as well as protection from many diseases that burden our society.


Dr. Karol MD