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Vitarock: Pure, Green, Safe, Fair

Megan West, B.A. Article by: Megan West, B.A.
Vitarock: Pure, Green, Safe, Fair


In our month of re-visiting the four pillars of Vitarock: pure, green, safe, fair, we've shed light on what exactly these mean to us (click here for pure week and here for green week). As your wellness shop, we're committed to providing assurance that what you're purchasing for yourself, friends, and family are pre-screened to be of the highest quality and safety. 


When we use the term "safe," we truly mean it. We believe that everything people consume should be safe for their personal health as well as that of their children and pets, wildlife, the local and global environment, and future generations. That’s why we pre-screen products to avoid:


  • Ingredients that are tested on animals
  • Ingredients that are endangered and/or that compromise the habitat of endangered wildlife
  • Ingredients that are known toxins for humans, other animals, or the Earth


We also aim to offer you products that are free from GMOs (genetically-modified organisms). All non-GMO products are identified in our website for your convenience.