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Sensual Aromatherapy

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Sensual Aromatherapy

"Best of Vitarock Blog 2014" - February 28, 2014

We are nearing the end of this month and our two themes for February, which were Heart Health and Sexual Health. Next month, the new themes will be Men’s Health, detox and natural and safe cleaning products. Of course, I will be covering the medical topics. The other equally and interesting topics will be covered by our other experts at Vitarock.

In this last blog post of the month, I want to write about sensual aromatherapy. Oils of various herbs and spices have been used for millennia as perfumes and pleasant smells in spas and bedrooms. This practice dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who prized themselves on very spacious and highly sophisticated spas. These spas were commonly used not only for relaxation but also for conversations, wine drinking and yes, sex. Many natural oils were discovered at that time and were applied to the steaming water or on top of wood burning furnaces to emanate an aroma that was pleasing to the senses as well as stimulating the senses in a sensual and sexual way.

Since that time, little has changed in our evolution as far as what stimulates us sexually and which aromas are favourable for sensual feelings. Many modern perfumes were designed to do just that. Many of them however are made from synthetic compounds which are unhealthy and which make cause significant irritation in people predisposed to asthma. Natural sensual oils are from natural sources and are not harmful to our health, unless in very rare occasions when someone is allergic. The other great thing about natural oils is that they can not only be used as perfumes or to give a nice fragrance in the bedroom, but can also be left in a small platter or bowl in saunas and steam rooms. The heat will make the oils evaporate and give a very nice pleasing aroma.

Another important fact about natural aromatherapy is that these natural oils can be used as air fresheners in our homes and apartments. More and more evidence is emerging that the common spray type and plug in types of air fresheners and very harmful to our health. This is because they are usually made from harmful synthetic chemicals. Natural oils are a safe and natural alternative. They best way to do this is to have the aromatic oil in a nice vase and having thin bamboo sticks inserted into the vase. The bamboo sticks will draw the oil and become saturated, allowing the oil to evaporate into the air, giving a pleasing aroma. carries a large assortment of natural oils by the brand Aura Cacia. Each bottle has a short description of what the oil may be used for. Some are sensual, others are stimulating, relaxing and so forth. Out of the sensual ones I recommend is Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine with Jojoba oil. I have tried them myself and they are truly very pleasing to the senses.

That is all for this month's blogs from me. I hope you enjoyed them and found in them somewhat useful and educational for you personally. It was also a real pleasure for me to write on the topics this month. Please join me in the next month’s blogs on the interesting topics of Men’s Health as well as how to detox our bodies and our homes so that we feel refreshed, energetic and happy. See you then.