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The Skinny on Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss

Date: Sep 10, 2014 · Posted in: Weight Management
The Skinny on Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss

Green coffee beans are getting a lot of attention. They’re even sweeping Hollywood! You’ve no doubt heard about the Dr. Oz green coffee bean extract news and surrounding controversy. Let’s try and trim some of the fat around this hot topic and get the real scoop on green coffee beans.

What is it?

It’s an extract from green coffee beans. These are the same beans used to make coffee; only the extraction takes place prior to roasting when the beans are still green.  Although they both contain antioxidants, green coffee bean’s properties are very different from those of green tea.

How is this different from regular coffee? 

Green coffee packs a super-powered antioxidant punch. Prior to roasting, the green beans are rich in oils and antioxidants, which are lost when exposed to the heat of roasting. Green coffee bean extract contains large amounts of CGAs (chlorogenic acids) from polyphenolic antioxidants. 

What is Svetol ®?

This is a trademarked extraction process. If you see this on the label, you can be sure that the product contains the standardized dose of 40-50% CGAs. Other brands also contain this, such as Genesis Today Pure Green Coffee Bean, with 45% CGAs.

Does green coffee bean extract really work?

It’s tough to confirm, but all current studies do show it aids in weight loss at a healthy rate  — an average of 3 lbs. per month.

Will it work for you?

With studies showing success with green coffee bean extract, your chances are great. But your body chemistry will have the final say. There is always a chance that what works for others might not work for you. What can help is to combine your supplements with a weight loss diet, ensuring your nutrient levels are good, and eating healthy fats.

Which brand is best?

Look for a brand that has a standardized extract or displays Svetol ®. Ensure that you’re buying only the best quality. You’re using these supplements to help sculpt and build your body, so it’s wise to do it from a truly healthy place. 

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