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The Snacking Secrets of the Stars

Caleigh Rykiss Article by: Caleigh Rykiss
Date: Apr 13, 2015 · Posted in: Weight Management, Nutrition
The Snacking Secrets of the Stars
A widespread misconception about celebrities is that they are different (a.k.a better) than us common folk. They don’t have bad hair days or get zits. They never wake up with eye boogers and certainly don’t ever have to go number two! Most of all, it’s hard to imagine that those washboard abs allow for any snacking, ever, period. But I’m here to set the record straight! While I cannot confirm if Gwyneth Paltrow has found a way to eliminate waste in a different way than the rest of us (although if anyone could, it would be her), I can confirm that she does in fact, partake in some snacking, just like the rest of us. And she’s not the only one… Here are the snacking secrets of some of the hottest stars in Hollywood.

Blake Lively

Not only does the lovely Lively indulge in a snack every now and then, but can you believe she enjoys chocolate? Gasp – she IS human, after all! Turns out that Blake can’t get enough of chocolate and peanut butter flavoured protein bars. Excuse me while I stock up on boxes of  peanut, chocolate chip LaraBars – too bad the long legs and hot husband are not included.


Jessica Biel

Another hot Hollywood babe with a body as enviable as her man is Jessica Biel. With her intense workout habits, it's no surprise that she fuels her body with some healthy snacks. Her go-to grub? Dried Fruit. Yep, apparently JT’s baby mama noshes on dried berries to keep her going throughout the day.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is in the best shape of her life as she prepares to reprise her role as the Black Widow in the new Avengers movie. To fuel her superhero-style workouts, the new mom is a fan of on-the-go smoothies, spotted leaving the gym drinking a shake out of an eco-friendly shaker cup.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Hard to believe the super slim star’s super strict diet allows for any snacking whatsoever, but it looks like even the Goop goddess herself grabs on-the-go grub from time to time. Paltrow’s personal fave is whole nut and fruit bars like these by Taste of Nature.


Selena Gomez

In between starring in movies, making music and hitting the Hollywood party scene, Selena somehow finds time to satisfy her savoury tooth. Gomez grabs a bag of veggie chips when she needs a mid-day pick-me-up. For a Selena-style-snack check out these herb flavoured pea chips by Simply Protein.