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Spring Time Beauty Shape-Up

Caleigh Rykiss Article by: Caleigh Rykiss
Date: Mar 26, 2015 · Posted in: Beauty, Lifestyle, Personal Care
Spring Time Beauty Shape-Up

The time has come, folks! The moment we’ve all been waiting for, dreaming about, agonizing over. The seasons have changed and spring is here! After the especially brutal winter we endured this year, my first instinct is to host a massive bonfire so we can all burn all our hats, scarves and long-underwear. But, I guess that’s not realistic considering winter will be back next year, as it always is. I suppose the more reasonable option is to stuff all the cold-related crap into a box and hide it in the back of the closet where we don’t have to look at it for at least a few months. But, as I begin to part ways with my thermal toques and my fleece-lined gloves, I realize that I’ve spent the better part of the last six months completely covered-up. My hair, my hands and my legs have hardly seen the light of day since last summer ended. Now, as I take a closer look at all my previously hidden parts, I am acutely aware of the TLC that is required ASAP. My hair is dry, my nails are cracked and my skin, scaly. Here’s my springtime revitalization plan!



Now that I don’t have a hat and a hood to hide behind, my current hair situation just won’t do. Yes, after the bitterly cold winter, my tresses have become less than vibrant. The ends are split, the colour is dull and the strands, brittle. The first thing that is necessary is a deep condition. Surya Brasil Restorative Hair Mask is just the product to get the job done. It uses rice protein to restructure and strengthen the cuticle of the strands and 15 different herbal extracts help to replenish life and shine. But it’s not just the locks themselves that need a little extra love after enduring the freezing conditions. The scalp is often left dry and flaky. For this issue I turn to a scalp treatment to help sooth irritation and restore moisture. Finally, once the life is infused back into the hair, it’s time to uplift and update the colour. Tints of Nature makes a gentle a revitalizing permanent colour, free of parabens and toxic ammonia.



I pride myself on being a generally well-manicured woman, but this year, keeping my hands in fighting shape felt like a losing battle. As the gloves come off, the chapped skin, cracked cuticles, and brittle nails were revealed for all the world (or at least my world) to see. Not. acceptable! First order of business – hydration. Moroccan miracle remedy argan oil is a fantastic solution many cosmetic ailments and is especially good for adding moisture to cuticles and strengthening nails. Massage a few drops of zorah Cosmetic Argan Oil around the nail beds and any other dry patches, let sit for 10 minutes and then wipe off the excess. Next, those hands have been lifeless for too long; time to add some colour, wouldn’t you say? Pantone named Masala the official shade of 2015, so why not kick things off in style. Suncoat Polish & Peel offers a few similar colours like Copacabana and Golden Sunlight that will nail the trend on the head! (See what I did there?!)


Finally, after months of long pants, long johns, high boots and leg warmers, it’s time to tend to what lies beneath. You see, shaving our legs during the winter feels like the proverbial tale of the tree in the forest; if no one is going to see the smooth skin, does it even exist? OK, maybe not the best analogy but you get where I’m going with this. Now that exposed skin is acceptable, hair removal is non-negotiable!

When opting for a good old-fashioned razor, it’s essential to look for a hydrating shaving cream. Sapien Women offers a fabulous gel that not only promotes a close shave but also includes macadamia oil, vitamin E and aloe vera juice to combat dryness. Alternatively Moom offers organic hair removal kits that use the most delicate ingredients to soothe and calm the skin as they remove unwanted hairs for up to eight weeks. Smooth legs also must be soft, and that calls for a long-lasting moisturizer. Here’s to a sunny, smooth, skin-baring Spring!