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St. Patrick’s Day “Scientific” Survival Care Package

Lidia Le François Article by: Lidia Le François
Date: Mar 14, 2014 · Posted in: Pain Relief, Natural Products, Metabolism, Stress Relief
St. Patrick’s Day “Scientific” Survival Care Package


St. Patrick’s Day “Scientific” Survival Care Package

March 17th has traditionally been known as St. Patrick’s Day. People celebrate by attending mass, parades, wearing green attire or other icons associated with Ireland. Of course, this also means people will be consuming alcohol, usually beer and sometimes green beer.

To prepare for such a day requires some thought and a few detox remedies. Click on the title links and check out the list to make your own St. Patrick’s Day Scientific Survival Care Package. Science can certainly be an ally and in this case your body’s favourite friend.


1.       Brita filtered water


Drinking filtered water before the night begins is an excellent way to start. Dehydration is one of the major causes of hangover symptoms like nausea, thirst, dizziness and headaches. Therefore, the more water you drink to rehydrate before, during and after drinking, the less severe your hangover is likely to be the next morning. Also, before going to bed, drink another big glass of water at room temperature as cold water is harder on your stomach. Avoid caffeine in the morning as it is only going to dehydrate you. If possible drink coconut water to replace lost electrolytes.


2.       Eco Vessel water bottle


With all this water drinking, why not carry that water in a stylish and eco friendly container? Eco Vessel has some very cool and functional products to do just that.


3.       Happy Planet Health Shots: Detox


This just might be your new secret weapon for recovering. This powerful 75ml shot stimulates sweating to increase the efficiency of toxin elimination through skin as well improves the kidney functions in detoxification process. Each concentrated format provides rich sources of powerful antioxidants to combat free radical damage and to protect cells from oxidative damages.

In other words, this product helps your kidneys, in turn helps you function better, and your skin will have a rather nice glow.


4.       Land Art Total Detox


When you need to bring in the heavy artillery, Land Art Total Detox is an effective formula combining herbs that have traditionally been used to support the body's own detoxification and elimination functions. It supports the health of some of the hardest working tissues in your body: the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, liver, and associated organs. Do allow 6 to 12 hours for the mild laxative effect to occur.


5.       Traditional Medicinals Organic Lemon Everyday Detox Tea


If you’re fond of tea, Traditional Medicinals Organic Lemon EveryDay Detox is an herbal tea used to promote healthy liver function. The use of Organic Lemon EveryDay Detox for liver protection is based on the traditional European use of herbal teas made from burdock, stinging nettle and cleavers.


6.       Hyland's Nux-vomica Single Remedy 30C


If you managed to do any of the following: over eat causing indigestion and nausea, excessive medication, or “high living”, Hyland's Nux-vomica Single Remedy 30C is another possible solution. Also known as, “Hangover” medicine, Nux Vomica also can break the laxative habit.


7.        SBT Seabuckthorn's The Amazing Omega 7 Vegan Fruit Oil


The Amazing Omega 7 Vegan Fruit Oil is a rich, red oil from the flesh of the sea buckthorn berry. It's known for its high Omega 7 and Beta Carotene content.

So, how does this help, exactly? It has demonstrated efficacy at regenerating damaged skin, reducing fatty liver, inhibiting bacterial growth and maintaining healthy mucous membranes, including relieving dry eyes, acid reflux, vaginal dryness, and treating oral and stomach ulcers. That sounds pretty amazing to us too.

Whatever your nightly activities may be, remember to be safe and smart.

Be prepared with a taxi phone number programed into your phone for easy access, and above all, have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!