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Sugar & Hyperactivity from Hallowe'en Treats

Daniela Rambaldini Article by: Daniela Rambaldini
Sugar & Hyperactivity from Hallowe'en Treats


What to Do with Hyperactive Children (Or What to do to Spare Yourself from the Crash at the End of the Sugar Rollercoaster)


Choosing your own naturally sweetened Hallowe'en treats might be helpful to curb your own cravings, but how can you help kids who practice no restraint when it comes to sweet indulgences? Or, you may be thinking, "Forget about the kids! I'm the one who can't help digging for treasures in those trick or treat bags of sugary gold!"


Either way, it's time to lean on the impressive blood sugar regulating properties of herbs!


Different herbs will impact blood sugar in different ways. For example, some herbs such as bitter tasting dandelion root (Taraxacum officinalis radix) and gentian root (Gentiana lutea radix) will stimulate the pancreas to synthesize and/or release insulin, which helps move glucose from the blood into cells (that can then metabolize it into usable forms of energy).


Other herbs, like cinnamon bark (Cinnamonum verum cortex) help insulin do its job. Herbs that support liver function help regulate the synthesis and break down of glycogen, which is a complex sugar molecule that is stored in the liver and is metabolized when blood sugar levels drop below a certain threshold.


Herbs like fenugreek seed (Trigonella foenum-gracum spermum) and bitter melon fruit and seed (Momordica charantia fructus and spermum) work in a variety of ways. They support pancreatic health and function, facilitate insulin activity, and improve cell receptivity to insulin (that is, they reduce or prevent insulin resistance). My favourite blood sugar regulating herb, banaba leaf (Lagerstroemia speciosa folia), goes the extra mile and simply takes charge by doing the job that insulin is designated to do! 


For those times that you just can't get your child to abstain from the free load of sugary treats neighbours and friends have gifted and you want to prevent unmanageable hyperactivity, slip a dose or two of herbal tincture into a glass of water or brew a helpful tea.


And if it's you who needs the herbal rescue, the selection of herbal remedies from which you can choose for relief is large and varied.