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Summer Style: 5 Ways to Style Pure Linen Scarves

Megan West, B.A. Article by: Megan West, B.A.
Date: Jun 08, 2015 · Posted in: Lifestyle, Style
Summer Style: 5 Ways to Style Pure Linen Scarves

This week's Monday perk-me-up comes to you in the form of pure linen scarves. To be perfectly honest, I could talk about scarves for days. Wearing one nearly every day through summer and winter, I consider myself somewhat of a generalized scarf pusher. Often considered an accessory, these multi-purpose pieces are so much more than that! In fact, I consider the common scarf to be as necessary as every other piece in one’s wardrobe – on the same level as sweaters, pants and t-shirts, if you will. However, it all comes down to color, texture, and quality. The perfect scarf needs to hold its own on the style front, giving it the ability to transform any basic look to something much more pulled together and refined. When used appropriately, scarves lend depth, texture and an unexpected contrast, not to mention a sort-of understated glamour. Therefore, a natural merging of style and high-quality comes in the form of our handmade Polish linen scarves.

Benefits of Polish Linen

Polish linen is often regarded as perhaps one of the most luxurious naturally sourced fibers. With a distinct look and feel, it's received with high regard. It’s derived from the stem of the flax plant, making it biodegradable and also environmentally friendly, as the flax is then used in a variety of other productions.  Aside from the obvious aesthetic qualities, there’s an abundance of benefits to wearing pure linen. The fabric itself is anti-allergic, making it an ideal choice for anyone with sensitive skin or who suffers from skin irritations. It’s also a long-lasting fabric with its distinct texture becoming only better with time and progressively softer with each washing. Plus it’s a perfect travel option as the naturally wrinkled appearance is obviously not affected by cramped suitcases and chaotic luggage handling!

All-Season Style

Pure linen is also somewhat of a miracle fabric in that because it has a high air permeability and heat conductive properties, it’s breathable and cool throughout the summer, but helps retain warmth through the winter. Thus, the perfect option all year long! And just in case you weren’t convinced of this summer essential, linen is able to absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp, which helps it maintain a fresh quality even if the temperatures are scorching or you’re perhaps battling the heat-filed subway at rush hour (never chic).

Styling Your Scarves

To help send you off into your new style journey, we’ve set up a bit of an in-house photo-shoot exemplifying our top 5 ways to style your scarf.


Channeling the effortlessly chic style of the French, this look has a distinct Parisian inspiration. Elegantly tossed over the shoulder it’s effortless and float-y and wears as a glamorous afterthought.

All Tied Up

Wrapped around the neck and tied at the front, this is the perfect option for breezy, chillier days (or for those of you commuting via bike!) keeping your neck covered and your scarf securely in place.

The Wrap-Around

A simpler, slightly less bundled version of our now famous “all tied up” style, this option is a great day-to-day option, giving any look an on-trend, pulled-together aesthetic.

Bohemian Dream

It takes a certain quality of scarf to turn this style into a statement! Worn in the simplest way possible, this look lends texture and contrast to any outfit. The pure linen lends a added interest to any look from jeans and a t-shirt to dressier work-wear.

Getting Loopy

This is a great choice for layering under your spring (or winter) coats and sweaters. Lending warmth to the neck in a simple way, it’s visually appealing and easy to wear!

So the only question remaining is: how will you be styling your linen scarves this summer?  Leave us a comment and let us know!