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How to Sustain Your Summer Adventures

How to Sustain Your Summer Adventures

The days are longer, the sun shines brighter, and you‘re inspired. Get active, start moving - and you’re creating your summer adventure. It’s essential to sustain your health; the last thing you want is to run out of steam midway, midday. Ensure that you’re keeping your optimal-self in check. Here's how:


Hydrate Using Electrolytes


Hydrate using electrolytes


If you’re out in the summer heat enjoying yourself and being active, you’ll want to make hydration your top priority. Dehydration can sneak up on you, and cause serious health concerns. Loss of electrolytes can also make you feel a little depressed.


Water is a great start. Maximizing your intake will minimize your risks of dehydration. Active in the heat? You can bet you’ll sweat, but replenishing  those lost minerals is key.  It’s easy to replace electrolytes, and below  are a few ways to do this. 


Beware of the popular, brightly coloured brands that may contain more chemicals than nutrients. Skip those high sugar, artificial drinks, and you will be healthier in the long run. Worry not, there are great alternatives that naturally work with your body.


Electrolyte Powder


These are so convenient they even fit in your back pocket. Ener-C offers a great variety of flavours. These come with a small amount of glucose, which can be good for the brain, especially during physical activity.  


Coconut Water


Coconut Water


Go for a  not-from-concentrate, 100% pure one. There are lots of great brands out there that do offer the straight-up, young coconut water. Or even better, try a fresh, young coconut!


D.I.Y Electrolytes

Here's an easy, fast, nutrient powerhouse. This recipe contains the essential electrolytes (sodium & potassium), as well as a wealth of other minerals and energizing B-vitamins. The small but extra boost of added magnesium will also help prevent muscles from  cramping during activity.Get inspired with our favorite electrolyte recipe!


Vitarockin’ Vitawater

1L water, spring or filtered

¼ tsp Himalayan salt

¼ tsp baking soda (non-aluminum)

¼ tsp honey, raw & local

½ tsp Natural Calm Magnesium powder, Raspberry-Lemon

½ lime, juiced


Simply add it all to a glass and stir it up. Cheers!  



Canadians are more active during summer months, and typically for more hours in the day. In order to create sustainable, long-term health, we need to also allow ourselves the space to relax and repair your body. Your muscles, your bones and your whole body will thank you! There are a few essential ways to support body, mind and spirit.


Keep muscles relaxed with Magnesium . The general population take in lots of calcium, but do you know where (or if) you’re getting any magnesium? Not only is it an essential mineral for bones, but also for muscles. When taken without calcium, it can induce deep muscle relaxation, and can also support sleep and ease constipation. You can even massage it directly into sore muscles, which feels great.



You know those achy muscles, tight joints, cramps and tension headaches? Magnesium to the rescue! 


Reduce Inflammation


Reduce Inflammation with Turmeric and black pepper


...with Turmeric and Black Pepper. Turmeric’s medicinal  ingredient Curcumin gets lots of attention as a major anti-inflammatory. Try a tincture or powdered Turmeric  to gain all of the synergistic and beneficial effects. By adding a sprinkle of Black Pepper, you’ll drastically increase the absorption of the Curcumin.


Mindful Movement

relax and repair your body

You love your body, you’re feeling energized and strong, but do you feel "connected" to yourself and your body?


Taking a moment to bring breath deeper into your body and muscles is important. A daily practice encourages you to connect, be present, and honour your body’s growth. During times of high activity, we often forget to allow the time to be kind to our bodies. Incorporating a practice like Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong, or a form of ecstatic dance can teach you the benefits of mindful movement.


In our quest to maximize our outdoor time and sun-fueled activities, let’s also be sure to treat ourselves well, create optimal health, and build a base for years of active adventures to come!