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The Art of Layering Natural Perfumes

Katharine Herringer Article by: Katharine Herringer
The Art of Layering Natural Perfumes

Scents, aromas and personal fragrances are such an essential part of well-being, in my opinion. A simple wafting scent can evoke a number of emotions or feelings, or change one’s perspective completely. 

My life would simply not feel as complete without this powerful sensorial element. Keeping candles, essential oils and perfumes, and changing them according to the season or mood can be transformative. In the Fall, I love to evoke the smoky, warm, and amber scents as we prepare to cocoon into our internal worlds. In the Spring, after a long Winter, I’m ready to shed my skin, and open up to the scents of feminine florals like lily, rose, lilac and citrus. 

Learning to layer scents is a way of making a personal statement, either in your home or on your body. It’s such a blessing that we all wear scents differently, according to our own personal body chemistry. Following your nose (and your heart), begin noticing scents around you, let them speak to you and observe what emotions they evoke. Then, as if you were putting together a recipe, begin to do some mental pairing. Play and see what you come up with! 

The brand Pacifica has been in the business of natural fragrances for years. They have created a portfolio of scents free of parabens and phthalates, are made with natural grain alcohol, and are always vegan and cruelty free. 

Here are some hints to help guide you on the path to layering scents: 

Base layer - Pacifica Sandlewood perfume (I prefer the spray, but there is a roll-on and solid perfume option) is an excellent base to start exploring. Rich Indian Sandalwood is at the heart of this moody, warm, velvety and woody blend, tempered by slightly sweet top notes of Tangerine, Sweet Orange and Mandarin. 

Second layer - fruits, florals or more woody notes. This next step begins to guide you through the creation of your own signature scent. Try layering Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia. While Sandlewood is grounding, the heady, vintage-inspired floral notes take on a whole new life. An alternative is also to layer the Sandlewood with Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar for a sexy and sultry combo, that apparently stops admirers in their tracks! 

Alternative technique - a truly Spring combo. A recent favourite of mine has been to forget the Sandlewood base layer altogether and head straight to the florals for an over-the-top celebration of Spring. I layer Pacifica Persian Rose perfume spray with Pacifica French Lilac perfume spray. The rose scent offers that elegant, feminine base from another era, while the exuberant fresh lilac makes one want to begin packing a picnic, and listening to crackly French classics on the gramophone. 

Additional dimensions - body lotions as layers. This is a more subtle way to bring your own personal scent into your daily life. You might try, for example, Pacifica Island Vanilla or Tuscan Blood Orange body butters. Both are deeply rich and moisturizing, and will imbue your skin with a very light scent base, upon which you can add any of their fragrant roll-on oils or solid perfumes. 

Your environment - in your home. In the same way you can play and layer scents on your body, the same can be done in your living space using non-toxic soy vegetal wax candles. For your home entrance, yoga corner, or any meditative space, try the Tibetan Mountain Temple soy candle, or for your bedroom, you might choose the vintage classic Tahitian Gardenia soy candle. 

Whatever your mood, whatever the season, wherever you live, play with scent. It is sure to uplift your spirits, and shift you into a creative mindset where you have the power to create a truly personal sensorial experience.