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The Best Scrubs For Summer-Ready Skin

Katharine Herringer Article by: Katharine Herringer
Date: Jun 17, 2014 · Posted in: Skin Health, Detox, Beauty, Personal Care
The Best Scrubs For Summer-Ready Skin

When warm weather hits, you want your skin to feel its best. Ready to be sun-kissed and clad in easy, breezy fabrics. Plump, hydrated and totally smooth skin can be just a shower away, along with the blissful, tingly feeling of allowing your skin to “breathe” after being hidden for too long.


What You Need To Know Before Getting Down And Gritty

Generally, salt scrubs are best for oily skin, while sugar scrubs are ideal for those with normal to dry skin. I personally like to use both (not at the same time!). I also want to urge you to take your time. First, let the shower steam up, then shut off the water and massage the scrub all over, with an extra focus on your feet, knees, thighs, bottom and back. Massage all over, avoiding your face, in a circular motion before rinsing clean.


Not only is it healthy to remove cellular debris by giving your bod the scrub, but it is excellent for helping lymphatic drainage – in other words, encouraging natural drainage of the lymph system which helps the body detoxify itself.


1. Scrub up for the weekend

You may not be able to jet off to Havana for the weekend, but my pick for a Friday afternoon pick-me-up as you prep your bod for some Salsa dancing on the town, is Giovanni’s Cool Mint Lemonade Salt Scrub. Even my Cuban hubby agrees, it truly does smell like a mojito. It’s an invigorating body exfoliator that polishes skin’s surface while removing cellular debris, and with a rich complex of essential oils. You’ll be soothed, smoothed and refreshed.


2. Unwind from your week

Feeling a little less like getting Salsa ready, and a little more like escaping to the lavender fields of Provence? Try Hugo & Deborah Naturals French Lavender Dead Sea Salt Scrub. The grains are a little more robust but particularly great for your feet, knees and bottom.


3. A sweeter scrub

I’m really liking Burt’s Bees Honey & Shea Sugar Scrub, made from honey, shea, ground almonds and aloe. It smells yummy and is very hydrating. The upside of a sugar scrub is that it’s often gentler on sensitive skin, and won’t sting if you just shaved or have a cut or skin irritation.


4. Detox your cellulite

Of course a topical treatment can only do so much in banishing that orange peel skin, but it can be reduced and softened. I was pleasantly surprised by the effects of Weleda’s Birch Body Scrub and Birch Cellulite Oil. This scrub and oil combo are both made with 100% plant derived ingredients, like birch leaf extract, which has been used to detoxify and refresh the skin, plus butcher’s broom root which strengthen blood vessels and rosemary leaf extract which promotes leg circulation. Use daily for at least 1 month, and you’ll feel cleaner, tighter and maybe even a little leaner.


5. Post scrub hydration

Even though most scrubs contain natural oils like jojoba and sweet almond oil, application of some extra moisture in the form of a lotion or body butter will help to seal in the moisture. Any of the Hugo & Debra Naturals Body Butters are a great choice, and take a little extra time to massage the butter into your feet and toes, to keep your soles and cuticles in shape for those summer sandals.


Now, enjoy slipping into your summer wardrobe, while your freshly-glowing and hydrated skin make a welcome appearance. 


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