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The Best Summer Smoothies: Protein & Green

Katharine Herringer Article by: Katharine Herringer
The Best Summer Smoothies: Protein & Green

Good, clean, healthy and hydrating foods make summer that much sweeter. Try starting your day with a protein smoothie or green shake. They’re cooling, and will keep your blood sugar balanced until noon, not to mention giving your skin some added silkiness and nourishment.

Feel free to play around and add some ingredients!


Katharine’s Protein Smoothie

8-10 frozen organic berries, or at least 1 cup (right now I’m using a mix of strawberries and raspberries)

½ cup of organic coconut water

½ cup of pure, filtered water

1 scoop of Amazing Grass Green Superfood (Original Flavour)

1 heaping Tbsp of Salba Smart Organic Chia Seeds

2 scoops of protein powder:

  • Now, what’s the key to finding the most ideal protein powder for you? There are literally hundreds to choose from: whey isolate, soy, hemp, vegan pea protein, the list goes on. So where to start? Here’s a round up of a few of my favorites: 

  • 1.       Tera’s Organic Whey  From what I have read, there are tons of low quality, heat processed, alkalinity-stripping whey protein isolates, but there’s now also the option of cold-processed, whole food whey concentrate made from organically fed cows that have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics. Tera’s Whey is made in small batches, and they take a lot of care in processing their whey. Tera’s Whey comes in delicious flavours like (fair trade) chocolate and bourbon vanilla, and plain. All are organic and are real, food-based flavours with no ambiguous “natural flavours


  • 2.       Natera Hemp Protein  Packed with all that hemp goodness, this option is raw, whole food-based, and rich in fiber, essential omegas 3 & 6, and a plethora of vitamins and minerals. It’s also sugar-free and sweetened with low-glycemic natural stevia. This protein is an excellent choice for those that prefer a plant-based protein. It’s not organic, but it’s GMO-free and grown in Canada. Plus, the flavours are great: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Plain, or Blackberry Pomegranate.


  • 3.      Orange Naturals ND Shake  This protein has been developed by Naturopathic doctors (ND’s) and comes in various formulas for women, men, kids, teens and even women’s sport. It’s sort of a one-stop-shop in that it’s a vegan protein powder packed with antioxidants, fiber AND greens. Check out the nifty little video review of a few of the Vitarock team members sampling this product.

Blend all ingredients in a high-powered blender, and enjoy!

Katharine’s Green Shake

Feeling the need for a little more green? Here’s my ultra-rich, alkalizing green smoothie recipe for when I’m feeling the need for some green, and can’t get (or don’t feel like!) juicing. This recipe yields 2 servings:


1 organic avocado

½ cup of organic low-glycemic fruit (pear, berries, or peaches)

½ cucumber (peeled if not organic)

1 fistful of kale

2 scoops of Amazing Grass Green Superfood (Original Flavour)

Coconut water to taste

If you like a little more sweetness, add stevia.

Blend and enjoy!