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The Latest in Cancer Research

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Date: Feb 18, 2016 · Posted in: Lifestyle, Nutrition, Research Alerts
The Latest in Cancer Research

Recently I heard the term “personalized treatment” in the context of cancer treatment. This term was used by the Cancer Center of America. I find this intriguing because it would cost tens of millions of dollars in order to create personalized medicine that’s tailored to both one’s personal genetic code and cancer type. We are talking, for example, about specific medications that are chemically tailored not only to the specific cancer type but also to your specific cellular and genetic makeup. Until recently, there was some talk about this in the medical community, but it seemed like a concept to be realized in the far distant future. So how they are accomplishing this other than the use of standard radiation, chemo, and surgery is a bit of a mystery to me. But it’s certainly a topic worth watching.



Other than this news, there is more and more evidence stemming from natural remedies, especially in the area of cancer prevention. This means the proper anti-cancer diet. What kind of diet is it? Mainly plant based, with lots of vegetables and fruits which are not too sweet. Lean protein sources like organic chicken and fish, as well as probiotics either in supplement form or in kefir or plain yogurt. Cancer fighting plans are also extremely important. These are primarily garlic, onions, and cabbage.



A powerful anti-oxidant mix is also very important. Berries, unsweetened berry juice (such as wild organic blue berry juice not from concentrate or Biotta vegetable and berry juices), and pomegranates are all great choices. A diet very low in simple sugars is also paramount (cancer loves sugar and so does diabetes). Remember most fruit juices (and especially pop) is packed with simple sugar, so choosing whole vegetables and fruits instead of the juices is always the best option. Add garlic to everything. Even a minute on high heat will eliminate the pungent stomach irritating effect of raw garlic.



Things to avoid include processed foods, junk foods, fried food, any form of simple sugars (juices, potatoes, white rice, white pasta), cigarette smoke, excessive alcohol, other cancer causing toxins (paints, glues, heavy metals, asbestos, fumes).


See you next time.


Dr. Karol