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The Summer Stink: 4 Ways To Stay Summer Fresh

Date: Jun 11, 2014 · Posted in: Lifestyle, Personal Care, Detox, Beauty
The Summer Stink: 4 Ways To Stay Summer Fresh

The sweet scent of lilac fills the air, soon followed by the smell of……summer feet and sweaty bodies?


From workout sweat, to sweating out last night’s BBQ - welcome to summer in the city. We’ve all been in those awkward situations: living in fear of what might happen when you take off your shoes, or how to tell a friend they could use (another) shower. But between moments of sun, music, friends, parks and play; we all sniff our way through the smells of summer. But all is not lost, before you burn those nose hairs, we have some natural secrets to share.


1. Try a natural deodorant

They work great and you can skip out on soaking in toxic ingredients. There are a bunch of options, from sticks to sprays, crystals to tea tree. It can be overwhelming, we know. So, we’ve created a combo that works for (almost) everyone; after showering, apply a Botanical Therapeutic Liquid Crystal Deodorant and allow to dry. Then apply a very light application of Nutiva Coconut Oil. You’ll enjoy dual antibacterial action and a lovely, light coconut scent. Clean, fresh and all natural.


2. Sometimes the grass is greener, and it sure does make you smell sweeter.

Greens and grasses contain high levels of chlorophyll, giving the “green” to plants and they also act as a natural deodorant. Don’t’ be shy, drinking Land Art Chlorophyll is tasty and refreshing, and helps eliminate all body odour. Yes, even your poop.


3. Flush those stinky toxins away!

Drink lots of good quality water. Skip the chlorine by using a portable water filter bottle, like our stylin’ Brita bottles. You sweat more than you realize (hence the stink), so keep hydrated with electrolytes too. Try coconut water, adding a bit of salt to your water, or enjoy an Ener-C .


4. So long stinky shoes

Hello fresh feet. When the day is done, you’ve kicked off your shoes and you’re ready to decompress at home – stop! It only takes a second to sprinkle some baking soda and a few drops of Aura Cacia Lemon Eucalyptus to each shoe for long lasting fresh feet.


It’s easy to stay fresh. Try these tips and you’ll have a head start to enjoying a stink-free and carefree summer. Put your feet up (with confidence), and toast with a glass of chlorophyll with friends! Cheers! Thanks for reading.