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Three Basic Skincare Rules for Anti-Aging

Megan West, B.A. Article by: Megan West, B.A.
Date: Jul 24, 2015 · Posted in: Skin Health, Beauty, Women's Health
Three Basic Skincare Rules for Anti-Aging

Having spent many years as a beauty editor, I can tell you that anti-aging is the topic in the publishing world. At Vitarock we're tackling the issue from all angles, starting with telomeres and DNA, the latest research (spoiler: science proves beauty really does come within!) and now from a daily skincare perspective. Having had the privilege of learning from many dermatology experts, I've learned that the best practice for anti-aging comes down to three basic rules.

The Three Skincare Rules for Anti-Aging 


Scrub, scrub, and scrub again! Exfoliating is one of the most important steps in your skincare regime. Generally speaking, the best formulas are enzyme-based and do not contain large beads or rough nut scrubs. More aggressive formulas can actually damage skin (leading to hyper-pigmentation and acne), so if you feel like a formula is too harsh, you're probably right! Exfoliating is essential in skin health as it naturally removes built-up dead skin cells, revealing your smoothest, softest skin ever. I promise if you're new to the exfoliating game, your mind will be blown. It's essential for skin health as removing old cells aids in the renewal process, allowing for healthier cells to take over. Texture is improved, pores are unclogged, obvious signs of aging become less visible, and skin more readily absorbs moisturizer and serum. 

Andalou Naturals makes a great Kombucha Enzyme Exfoliating Peel, which utilizes grapefruit, pineapple, and papaya enzymes to loosen and exfoliate dull, dry, surface cells. It unclogs pores allowing for improved clarity, tone, and texture. It also has a unique fruit stem cell complex and vitamin C, which are all potent players in the anti-aging game. Your skill will be markedly refreshed with improved clarity and tone. From now on, consider exfoliation your ultimate defense against the dark arts of aging. Sorry, couldn't help that Harry Potter reference. 


For some reason moisturizer isn't often at the top of one's priority list, but it definitely should be! Even if your skin doesn't feel dry, you should be moisturizing both day and night. Dry skin wreaks havoc on overall skin health, skin, while moisturizing  helps lock water into cells and combat the signs of aging. It's a simple, yet critical step in the anti-aging game. 

Weleda Skin Food is an incredibly rich product that can be used on the face and body (and is even the favorite of famed beauty editor Jean Godfrey June). It's packed with essential fatty acids, vitamin E and organic sunflower seed oil. Another great option is Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Cream, which is fragrance-free and works to restore skin's natural balance and protect its moisture barrier without irritation. High levels of fatty acids, plum kernal oil and Vitamins E and E absorb quickly and protect skin from drying out, thus preventing premature aging. Remarkably, it's rich enough for the driest skin, yet light enough to keep oily skin balanced. It's also  a great option for anyone with extra sensitive skin. 


Using SPF every. single. day. should be considered non-negotiable. Yes, even when its cloudy, and yes, even in the winter! Skin cancers are on the upswing, so vanity aside, protecting yourself from UVA and UVB rays is of the utmost importance. The easiest way to make this a part of your daily routine is by incorporating a moisturizer with SPF, but even still you will need to re-apply throughout the day. Once in the morning is simply not enough! Start thinking about SPF in the same way you think about lipstick. Keep some in your desk at work and give yourself a sunscreen touch-up around lunch time. Keeping an easy to use spray on hand is ideal as it can be easily layered over any pre-existing make-up. 

Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 is a fantastic non-greasy and sheer formula making it a perfect anytime option. It protects and nourishes skin without harsh chemicals and features the highest number of organic ingredients on the market!