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The Top Health & Beauty Headlines of 2014

Caleigh Rykiss Article by: Caleigh Rykiss
Date: Dec 18, 2014 · Posted in: Women's Health, Beauty, Personal Care
The Top Health & Beauty Headlines of 2014

Out with the kale, in with the coconut.

Forget about flax, it’s all about chia.

Spend less time on your nails and more time on your brows.

High protein is the new low carb.

And, pretty much everyone thinks they’re gluten intolerant, but barely anyone actually knows what that means.

Wheww! Health and beauty headlines can be as hard to keep up with as “The Kardashians”. And, just as 2014 brought Kim K a new husband, it also brought a whole new crop of lifestyle trends! Here’s a rundown of the best health and beauty buzz-topics of 2014.

Buzz Foods


If 2013 was the year of the coconut water, 2014 was the year we caught on that the rest of the coconut is useful too! Yes, the juice is so passé – this year is all about the oil! From cooking to cosmetics, tooth whitening to skin hydration and even anti-aging, coconut oil wins the award for best multi-tasker of the year! But the coconut craze doesn’t end with that high achieving by-product; coconut flour was also a big deal in 2014. High fiber, no gluten and completely delicious; this new “it” flour filled the pantries (and dreams) of baking enthusiasts everywhere.



Sorry flax, there’s a new seed in town! Chia is the latest and greatest in the fiber business. Each tablespoon contains two grams of protein, four grams of fiber and nearly two grams of plant-based omega 3 fat. All that and it turns out chia seeds have some famous roots…literally!  Yep, it’s the same seed that filled those grass growing “chia pets” you likely owned in the 80s! Now that’s a tough fiber act to follow.


Buzz Diets


“Rise, Shine and Eat Protein!”

“Anne Hathaway Swaps Vegan for High Protein!”

“Should You Jump on the High Protein Bandwagon?”

This year there were almost more headlines devoted to analyzing the new high protein fad diet than dedicated to dissecting whether Beyonce and Jay Z’s are getting a divorce. (If their marriage fails, what hope do the rest of us have?!) Protein shakes, protein bars, protein cereals, yogurt and even bread - the protein industry has sky rocketed over the last few years proving the worldwide high protein popularity isn’t going anywhere. And, unlike former fads, this one has the heath benefits to back it up. From losing weight, to battling fatigue and even improving heart health, this diet is as intelligent as it is trendy.


Gluten Free

These days, going to a health food store and yelling the word “gluten” is the equivalent to going to an airport and shouting “bomb.” Don’t test this theory, just take my word for it -- in 2014 gluten became enemy number one in the food industry. The whole trend stems from a rise in those suffering from celiac disease, a sometimes debilitating allergy to gluten. For those who don’t know (aka most people), gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye that is often used to help baked goods bind and prevent crumbling. But over the last year, the gluten-free fad has gone from an uncommon allergy to a ten billion dollar industry, with everyone and their dog attaching themselves to the buzz worthy regimen. Whether or not its as effective for weight loss as people would like to think, following a gluten sensitive diet does help to eliminate consuming foods that are over processed and under nourishing.


Buzz Beauty

Au naturel

If you hadn’t heard, “makeup-free selfies” were a big deal on social media this year. Even Hollywood got in on the "au naturel" action. For example, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow are all guilty of posting cosmetic-free candids. Whether or not I actually believe they’re legitimately wearing NO makeup in these photos is irrelevant. (Ahem, I don’t!) Don’t get me wrong I’m totally down with women embracing their God-given beauty, but I just wish everyone would be more honest about enlisting the help of a good concealer and bronzer to perfect the “I woke up like this” look. Either way, these selfies have impacted this year’s beauty trends in a big way, reaching as far as influencing high fashion runway shows! Tres chic, indeed.


Big brows

Not since the days of Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields has the world seen so many bushy eyebrows! Gone are the days of over plucking and painful waxing – models, celebs and trendsetters around the world are letting their big, luscious brows grow in; while the rest of us fill them in with a good brow pencil.  You know what they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it… if you don’t, fake it! #Teambushybrows