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The Ultimate Personalized Gift Guide

Caleigh Rykiss Article by: Caleigh Rykiss
Date: Dec 11, 2014 · Posted in: Stress Relief, Beauty, Lifestyle, Skin Health, Personal Care
The Ultimate Personalized Gift Guide

The holidays come around the same time every single year, and yet somehow every December I’m always totally bewildered and way behind the eight ball, especially when it comes to gift shopping. (#ProcrastinatorProblems) No matter how much I resolve to plan ahead, somehow I can’t seem to stop that last-minute seasonal scramble. Inevitably it all works out and I manage to get all the presents wrapped and ready to go on time. (God bless those professional gift wrappers!) But, just because there are beautifully packaged gifts under the tree, it doesn’t mean they’re unique or creative. Au contraire. Socks, slippers, gloves and gift cards almost every year. It’s a different variation of the same thing. Lame.

Well folks, this year it’s going to be different. Gone are the days of haphazard gifting and last minute surprises. This time I’m getting personal. Yes, I’ve decided to put just a little more time, effort and thought into the presents for the people I love. Everybody’s different and so should their presents be, right? Right! Here are some of the customized ideas I’ve come up with for those special people in our lives.


The Fitness Fanatic

We all know at least one of these people…ah, who am I kidding, I am one of these people! You know, the ones whose main interests involve anything to do with sweating. For this exercise enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with anything that has to do with either fueling or repairing the body. Wrapping up their favourite flavor of protein powder with a few packets of Emergen-C is a total no brainer. Alternatively you can opt for something they probably don’t already have in their gym bags, like these new Kick Butt Energy Balls. If you still have a little left over in the budget, anyone who works the body this hard, needs to relax and repair their muscles. Hugo & Debra Vanilla & Sweet Orange Bath Salt is a great option.


The Zen Friend

On to the chill child…that pal who is all about rest and relaxation. For this friend, think anything to do with indulging and unwinding. Thankfully there are a lot of thoughtful things that fit into this category. Put together a collection of bubble baths, body scrubs and foot creams; along with the offer to give their toes a little rub, of course! Another perfect addition to this care package is Weleda’s Body Oil Starter Kit! That way they can play with what oil suits their various goals at different times. Finally, I’m guessing this friend enjoys a good cup of calming tea. Instead of adding to their already impressive tea selection, offer them this delicious alternative to unwind, instead - Zenbev’sChocolate Drink Mix. This creamy beverage made from pumpkin seeds and is shown to promote sleep and relaxation. #Namaste


The Intimate Mate

This not so subtle selection of offerings could be for a few various people in your life. They’re either for your current partner, the person who you’d like to be your next partner, or just that platonic friend who has a healthy, unapologetic appetite for intimacy! The objective with this package is to help facilitate sexy time. Let’s start things off with a nice bottle of massage oil. If this gift is for either option one or option two of the recipients described above, the idea is to also include a risqué rub down. Are you blushing yet? Similarly, you could include a smooth, water based lubricant like this one from Swiss Navy. If you’re feeling really bold, you might spice things up by adding a package of Natural Sexual Enhancement supplements.  The piece de resistance, a sleeping eye mask blindfold. I have a feeling that toying with the senses will compliment those supplements very nicely. Merry Christmas, indeed!