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Win a $200 Beauty Basket from Vitarock!

Katharine Herringer Article by: Katharine Herringer
Date: Jun 24, 2014 · Posted in: Skin Health, Beauty, Natural Products
Win a $200 Beauty Basket from Vitarock!

Summer is officially here. I always find inspiration with the beginning of a fresh new season. Especially one that brings with it sunshine, abundant local produce, dining al fresco and extra time with family and friends. Oh, and summer fashion. Nothing better than finally slipping on linen, a cool new hat or ultra fun new shades. Definitely, gives a lift to the spirits.

Enter the #Vitarockbeauty contest! Details are below. 

Maybe you’re not quite feeling so summer ready yet? Take a peak back at my recent articles from the Vitarock Blog, and pick up some great natural beauty tips - and feel refreshed from head to toe.               

1.       Ignored those pearly whites? Click here and find out how to brighten your smile just in time for all those summer selfies.  

2.       Overworked and overtired? Can’t wait for holidays to begin so that you can catch up on your self-care? Don’t ignore your body’s need for quality sleep and hydration, and take some time to nurture your skin before hitting the beaches or cottage. Look here for my favorite lineup of natural exfoliants, masks and moisturizers. Put yourself first (with a fresh face!), and notice the energy you’ll have for all else in life.

3.       Gentlemen, are you ready? Good grooming isn’t just for the ladies. With the plethora of natural and organic grooming products for gents, a quick 5-minutes in the morning can leave your skin summer-ready, smooth and smooch-able. Read back and take a little inspiration from my guide to natural men’s grooming. It might even inspire you to clean out your bathroom cabinet of dried up, and chemically-laden products that you might have been using up till now. 


4.       What about those tresses, are they ready to shine? Whether your hair is long and flowing or short and flirty, avoid heading into this sunshiny season with dried out or over-processed locks. Get the lowdown on what natural hair care products might be best for you


5.       Clear your mind! Another excellent pre-summer ritual is “getting into neti”. Yes, that’s the water through your nose practice. According to many yogis (and Dr. Oz), it not only clears your sinuses of germs, bacteria, mucus and pollution (a must if you live in a big city!), but it’s soothing to the mind and can help you prepare for yoga, deep breathing and meditation. I personally find it to be a great stress reliever. Check out this quick guide to neti and which products to use.  

Get your summer glow on with the #vitarockbeauty contest. Contest ends July 7, 2014.


Now that you’re inspired to get your glow on, share it with us – and win a $200 natural beauty gift basket from! Filled with products from MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Logona Naturkosmetic, Sante Naturkosmetic and Radius (that must-have toothbrush you have always wanted to try!).

Here’s how: 


1)      Get creative and post a “summer selfie” on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or Instagram of yourself and any Vitarock beauty/personal care product (we have thousands!). Ideally, your favourite product.

2)      Use hashtag #vitarockbeauty and mention the product and brand.

3)      Winner is the one with the most “points”. Earn one point each by:

- Liking us on Facebook

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- Adding  us on Google+

- Posting your selfie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or Google+ (double, triple or
quadruple your points by posting on all!

- Having your post shared


The Goodies

The winner will win a natural beauty and cosmetics basket brimming with goodies from MyChelle, Logona, Sante and Radius. Beauty, skincare and makeup products to get you through summer! Retail value: $200 CDN.

 Good luck, beauties!