Vitarock Rewards

 Vitarock Rewards 

How it works:

When you create an account at Vitarock you instantly become part of our loyalty program and receive $10 worth of Vitarock Rewards Points! We want to reward your ethical shopping.

Create an account an account and review products to earn more points!* 

*Spend your points with a minimum $35 purchase. (Earn points on any purchase amount.)

 How to earn:

  • Create a Vitarock account = 200 points / $10.00 off your purchase!
  • Rate and review products = 10 points for each review / 50 cents

Exchange Rate:

Spend $1, earn 1 point.

20 points = $1 off your purchase. (Yup, that's 5% off! CAN be combined with promo codes and sales.)


Currency Ratio

 How to Use:

Once you proceed to checkout, you’ll be able to either redeem or save your points with a minimum $35 purchase. Simply use the scroll bar to determine how many or how few to use and they will be automatically applied to your order.

You can view your points at any time by visiting the Customer Dashboard. Happy shopping!