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Vitarock Turns 5 Years Old Today

Vitarock Article by: Vitarock
Date: Apr 04, 2017 · Posted in: Ethical Consumerism, Fair Trade, Philanthropy, News
Vitarock Turns 5 Years Old Today

We’re five! We here at Vitarock are overjoyed at how far we’ve come and how much fun we’ve truly had.


Our Beginnings

Alicja Wojewnik founded Vitarock following her many years in the Canadian health food biz, including a stint at Jamieson Vitamins (quality control) and her work with the government to protect Canadians’ access to natural health products. Alicja’s dream was to build an online business based on personal and global wellness in the form of an online store and wellness community that features fabulous products from great companies who promote what really matters in the world: happiness, safety, health, opportunity & fairness for the people of the world, and environmental stewardship. “Vitarock” was named to be the rock, the strength, that supports life.


Our Place In The World

Our Vitarock team recognizes that there are innumerable global issues—social, environmental, and political—that require immediate attention, action, and permanent change. We believe that each of us can take responsibility and work towards making a difference by “voting with our dollars” and asking more from the manufacturing world. Asking for ethical business practices, asking for honestly safe & wholesome ingredients, and making the world a better place by supporting companies who care.

1% of our sales goes to supporting education in indigenous communities in Canada and around the globe. We love supporting other companies who do great things around the world, like improving people’s standards of living through fair trade and community development, and providing access to clean water to name just a few examples.


A Look Back


• Launched our website in October 2013

• Received B Corp certification in July 2015

• Reached 15,000 likes on Facebook in August 2015. We love love love Facebook and Instagram

• Relaunched our website in October 2015

• …and upgraded our website again in January 2017!

• Published our 400th blog article in February 2017

• Grew our product line to 8500 products from 6400 products in March 2017

Thank YOU for being here with us, now. And here’s to many more years together!