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What You Need to Know About the Products You Use!

What You Need to Know About the Products You Use!

We spend millions of dollars each year on personal hygiene and household products and yet many of us are unaware of the effects they can have on our health, internally and externally.

Many products are full of ingredients that are harmful to our bodies and can cause many issues such as; liver toxicity, hormonal disruptions, weight gain, allergies and skin reactions and at the same time they have a huge negative impact on our environment. has launched an online store that offers a variety of products based on their four principles: Pure, Green, Safe and Fair. 

  • Pure. The products sold at are as close as possible to 100% natural, free of synthetic preservatives, chemicals, hydrogenated oils and artificial flavours and colours.
  • Green. All products available at have undergone a thorough screening to ensure they have a minimal impact on the environment.


  • Safe. All products are safe for personal health, and are not dangerous to children, pets, wildlife or the environment. does not sell products tested on animals, are preferably GMO-free (designated where applicable throughout our product purchase pages), and do not compromise the habitat of endangered wildlife.

  • Fair. Everyone’s effort should be honoured fairly. promotes products that give back to the community from which they came, contain ingredients that are fairly traded and are not the product of sweatshops or child labour. 

“The products we sell don’t harm your health or pollute the environment, are made with ingredients that aren’t tested on animals and contain as many fair trade ingredients as possible,” says Dr. Karol Wojewnik M.D, the Medical Director at “We continue to expand our product selection and search for companies that share our vision and ideals.” is dedicated to doing its part to change the world, and to that end donates a portion of every sale to the charity Elephant Thoughts, which helps improve access to education for children around the world (including First Nations and Inuit in Canada and children in India, Nepal, Tanzania and Nicaragua). The curricula developed by Elephant Thoughts encourages cultural diversity and environmental stewardship as part of the personal development of students.  

“Our mandate is to ensure every child receives not only an education, but the highest level of education possible despite their personal circumstances,” says Dr. Karol. “We will always pursue that mission.”

This is the year to make changes that can have a positive impact on your health and the environment.  



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