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Winter Makeover Tips

Caleigh Rykiss Article by: Caleigh Rykiss
Date: Nov 20, 2014 · Posted in: Personal Care, Beauty
Winter Makeover Tips

No warmth for the wicked! Looks like winter is back with a vengeance, leaving us very little hope for Mother Nature’s mercy. Just so we’re clear, I take almost no joy in most of what this frigid season has to offer, including, but not limited to: bulky layers, winter boots, miserable commutes and sun deprivation. But just because the wonderful sunshine has been replaced by a wicked wind chill, it doesn’t mean we can’t look on the figurative bright side of things, right?! Right!

How can we cheer ourselves up during these dark and snowy days? Just think about the first thing women do when they’re going through a break up… Ok, the first thing they do after they drink all the wine, eat all the ice cream and send late-night text messages they immediately regret. They give themselves a makeover! This depressing seasonal situation is no different; it’s the perfect excuse to revamp and revitalize our looks! Here’s everything you need to know about updating your appearance for winter.


Trendy Tresses

Just because it ends up covered by a toque 90 percent of the time, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give a little TLC to our tresses. In fact, a new look requires a do, and updating for winter means two things – dark and glossy! That’s right, one of the cardinal rules of hair care is going for deeper, warmer hues during the colder months. If you’re in a semi-hibernated state like me, heading to the salon is out of the question, and you’re going to have to manage the mane yourself. But don’t worry, boxed hair dye has come a long and healthy way! Check out Surya Henna Powder colour, which comes in a variety of winter appropriate colours like burgundy, red, golden brown, ash brown and brown.

Winter not only sucks the life out of us, it also dries up all the moisture. This means heavy hydration is in the cards. Make sure to deep condition before and after you style. Giovanni 2chic Avocado & Olive Oil Mask is a solid investment and after you style, apply some of Giovanni’s High Gloss Mist to lock in all that shine.


Skin Tone Tune-up

Now that the hair is taken care of, time to update skin texture. Leave the dewy complexion for the beach; what’s trendy this season is a matte look.  But don’t get it twisted, the skin still requires extra hydration so don’t skimp when it comes to moisturizer. I recommend Gardeners Dream Cream for maximum protection against the elements. To take the shine away (from your skin, not your spirit!) opt for powder based coverage rather than foundation. Remember, while you’re taking an unintentional timeout from the sunshine you may need a paler shade than usual… make sure you test the colours on your face not your hands, and blend, blend, blend!


Makeup Makeover

The most fun part of this seasonal tune-up is making over your makeup! When it comes to lips, it's go bold or go home! (Although home is where the woolly socks are so I guess that’s not the best threat!) Forgo the pale pinks and corals for shades of browns, burgundies, and berries. It’s not just the lips that are going dark…the nails need to keep up with the “cool” culture too. Go black. Go blue. Go bronze. As long as you keep your nails as dark as your mood, you’re on trend! (Just kidding…I may or may not be projecting my seasonal affective disorder!)