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Your Ultimate Holiday Travel Survival Kit

Caleigh Rykiss Article by: Caleigh Rykiss
Your Ultimate Holiday Travel Survival Kit

Are you tall? Broad? Claustrophobic? Nervous? Do you have restless legs? Anxiety? Insomnia? Dietary restrictions? Do you get cold easily? Get dried out easily? Get fatigued easily? Sinus problems? Back problems?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then long plane rides might be slightly uncomfortable for you.

Who am I kidding? Long travel days are pretty much awkward for most of us. Well, unless, of course, you’re sitting in executive class, in which case you’re fortunate enough to be exempt from this unpleasant experience… Must be nice! The unfortunate truth for the rest of us is that before we can even get excited about our upcoming vacation, we have to face the brutal realities of sitting in a cramped, confined, overcrowded and over circulated airplane for hours on end. With holiday season fast approaching, there are a few things we can do to prepare, to make our time in the air a little more pleasant!


All dried up

Along with a serious lack of space, there is also a severe lack of humidity on the plane. In fact, air in the cabins only holds a level of 10-20 percent humidity, whereas normally, we’re used to 35-65 percent. It’s practically the Sahara up there! The dehydrated air can cause some discomfort like dry eyes and sinuses; tight, chapped skin and lips; and general fatigue. So, it’s important to stay very well hydrated from takeoff to landing. Regular H20 will do the trick, but for a little extra boost Emergen-C powder packs nicely into a purse or carry-on and will quickly replenish the essential vitamins and electrolytes that are essential to hydration.


As much as re-hydrating from the inside is important to battle that moisture depleted air, you might also want a little superficial assistance. Thankfully Weleda offers their heavy-duty Skin Food, and intense lip moisturizer in a travel-sized kit! Gross plane air = 0, Us = 1 #Winning


Sleep it off

The best way to pass the long hours of an international plane ride is to sleep! (Unless you have a cutie sitting next to you, in which case flirting is the way to go!) Getting some good shut-eye will help take your mind off the unfriendly inflight issues and also help get your internal clock adjusted to the new time zone on the other side. But for those who don’t find it comfortable to sleep sitting straight up with no neck support and cramped legs, or for those who have issues falling asleep on a good day, catching some z’s mid air can be a challenge.  


Lavender has long been shown to promote sleep and relaxation, naturally lowering blood pressure and heart rates with just a whiff. Another get-to-sleep gadget that is proven to help with restful slumber is the eye mask. They block out natural light and help your mind wind down to prepare for rest. Put a lavender scent into an eye-mask, and you have a match made in insomniac’s heaven! That’s exactly what you get with these Urban Spa Silk Eye Pillow: the perfect accessory to carry-on, strap-on and catch some undisturbed shut-eye during the long flight.


If that doesn’t help, you can always pop some pills. Natural pills, of course! Melatonin is the most common all-natural sleep-aid. It is a great choice because the supplement helps you fall asleep without making you drowsy when you wake up.


Pack a Snack

Even for the most liberal eaters, saying airplane food is less than desirable is an understatement. And if you have some dietary limitations, well, all bets are off! Packing a snack is a necessity, especially for long haul flights. Eating junk food will only add to the fatigue and dehydration that we’re trying to avoid. Healthy and nutritious foods on the other hand, will help your body combat the elements and the exhaustion. But, just because you want to arm yourself with good-for-you food doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty! Chocolate covered nuts or dried fruit make a perfectly delicious inflight snack. Protein bars are a great meal replacement and you can even make a shake in the sky. Just pack your portable smoothie cup!


Bon voyage and good luck up there!